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39597RE: [conculture] Worldbuuilding Ideas was The Purge

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  • Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews
    Dec 25, 2013

      When I was going through my invention interest phase, I went and bught boxes of the modeling clay.


      It helped. It was the kind that self-dries in twenty-four hours.


      Knives at a gun shop. I would have never thought.


      I’m thinking a different shape and material.




      Pen name:

      Mellissa Green








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      Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews <goldyemoran@...> wrote:

      >Since I want to invent a new kind of dagger, I take it I can
      find that as the Sporting Goods store too.

      Depends on what you mean by "new kind" of dagger. If you mean a different shape of blade, then that
      is certainly within the realm of possibility. Knives and daggers and swords already come in a bewildering
      array of shapes and sizes. Let your imagination run wild!

      And yes, you should be able to find different types in a sporting goods store. Especially one that caters
      to shooters and hunters. If you have family members that shoot, perhaps one of them would be willing
      to go with you to a gun shop. They usually carry an assortment of knives as well, and you could kill two
      proverbial birds with one stone.

      >I have people in my family who own guns. I was thinking along the same
      lines about asking my uncle

      >and his friends fo that assistance. I’ll be with them this Friday, and
      that’s their main topic.

      Sounds like you've got a good opportunity to do some research there.

      >Also, about your idea about creating a model of the weapon, it makes sense
      for me to go to a teacher’s

      >supply store and get some modeling clay.

      That could work. That might help you visualise the shape and dimensions you're looking for.

      >I feel I have an idea of what it looks like and how it works, but am
      confusing it with our bow and arrow.

      >Thanks for putting up with me.

      No worries!


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