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39589RE: [conculture] Worldbuuilding Ideas was The Purge

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  • Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews
    Dec 25, 2013
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      I have people in my family who own guns. I was thinking along the same lines about asking my uncle and his friends fo that assistance. I’ll be with them this Friday, and that’s their main topic.


      Also, about your idea about creating a model of the weapon, it makes sense for me to go to a teacher’s supply store and get some modeling clay. I feel I have an idea of what it looks like and how it works, but am confusing it with our bow and arrow.

      My parents are off work for the holidays.


      Thanks for putting up with me.


      Pen name:

      Mellissa Green








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      Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews <goldyemoran@...> wrote:

      >I had thought about that, trying to find a bow and arrow. I know
      >I’ve felt one, but that was at camp, when I was maybe ten.

      Well? Stop thinking and go do! Go remind yourself what the thing feels like.

      You say you're a writer, right? Well, this is what writers call "research"!! I've been
      watching you run yourself into brick walls for a year or more over a basic non-
      understanding of what for the rest of us is pretty basic knowledge. For most of
      us, we can crack open Wikipedia or maybe go to a library or museum and look
      at exhibits. But you have to be much more creative and get yourself out to

      different places where you can experience with hands what we can see at a glance
      with eyes.

      In the week or so we've all been going round Robin Hood's barn with this bow and
      arrow nonsense, you could have taken yourself out to a sporting goods shop, done
      your research, come back home and THOUGHT for a while about how a bow and
      arrow actually compare to what you've been imagining and then determine which
      possibility is the right way to go. This same basic process applies to very many of
      the conversations we've had with you over the last year or so. :/

      >For all I know, I could know someone that has one.
      >Giving the weapon a Native name sounds good.
      >Having the characters rob someone over food would be a good
      conflict, especially if they’re robbing form an Earthling.
      >I know I need the weapon info for worldbuilding uses.

      Yes, you do need this basic information. But it's basic information that you really
      need to have at your command before coming in here and going on for a week
      without really understanding what you're describing.

      It's also information that is really, simply, not CENTRAL to your story telling. As
      I said earlier, you've got some VERY interesting plot motifs going -- the morality
      clashes and so forth. You're bogging yourself down in details about things which
      you have no clear idea about and this can only get in the way of you telling a story.

      >What would be interesting is discovering how one of our guns
      >would effect a Yemoran or Sarmian and vise versa.

      Again, these are very interesting questions that *could* serve as possible plot
      elements. You've already posited the existence of outworlders on Yemora. Therefore,
      their weapons are already impactful on Yemorans. You don't really need to know much
      about actual guns or laser pistols or anything like that to use your imagination to find
      out how a Yemoran or a Sarmian would react to this kind of weapon. That's an
      imagineering exercise that doesn't require much real-world knowledge. This really
      requires a deeper knowledge of Yemorans and Sarmians.

      However, just for your own knowledge base (again, as a writer), I would not hesitate
      to suggest you get someone to take you to a good local gun shop, explain to the owner
      that you're a (budding) writer and are blind and are interested in learning what a gun
      feels like in your hands and perhaps even what it feels like to fire a gun. They might
      let you fire some blanks in their range. Alternatively, if you have a friend who owns
      a gun, perhaps she could help arrange an outing to the range with her.

      >Speaking of places for research, there’s Cranbrook Science Institute, which
      is I think,

      > connected to the National History Museum, which surely has a Weapons
      section. Then,

      >there’s an American-Indian Museum. 

      Most museums do NOT actually let visitors touch or handle the articles in their collections.
      There are of course exceptions! Being blind, you may be able to get a special dispensation.
      You'd probably have to contact the curator to discuss their policies regarding visual
      handicaps. Certainly worth a try, though!


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