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Re: IB: Introduction; Rhineland-Palatinate

Is <ŋ> (eng) part of the alphabet of Rhenish? (I actually can't find the language's name - what should I call it?) That's definitely uncommon, how did it
May 1

Re: IB: Introduction; Rhineland-Palatinate

Welcome to IB. Things have been quite calm in  Ill Bethisad lately so it's great to have newcomers around here. Pedro Moderno Em Segunda-feira, 27 de Abril de
Pedro Moderno
Apr 30

The Yemoran Foundling Care System

The Yemoran Foundling Care System Yemora has an Intergalactic foundling care system, where children from baby to aged nineteen are accepted. Just as there are
Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews
Apr 28

The Yemoran Educational System April 28 update

I've made minor hanges to one of my posts, have a read. Also, read my recent post on Yemora's foundling care system. The Yemoran Educational System In order to
Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews
Apr 28

Re: IB: Introduction; Rhineland-Palatinate

Yes, there's an fb group! You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/10758889087/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/10758889087/ It seems to have the
Apr 28

Re: IB: Introduction; Rhineland-Palatinate

... I have not actively worked on anything IB related in several years. Am happy to see that interest in the project is slowly increasing -- and indeed that
Padraic Brown
Apr 27

Conlang Paternosters

... Greetings old friend! ... Please feel free to ensconcify this at Frath Wiki a/o the IB Wiki -- there is a page at the former, if not the latter, for
Padraic Brown
Apr 27

Re: IB: Pennsylvaania

... Heh. Wonder how thát survived the Censors' cruel scissors! The IBWiki quote in question was lifted from a Conculture message. That message contains a bit
Padraic Brown
Apr 27

Re: IB: Introduction; Rhineland-Palatinate

Frederic Bayer: Hello everyone! I'm Fred, I'm a conlanger and a conculturist and I would be interested in taking part in Ill Bethisad, specifically fleshing
Apr 27

IB: Pennsylvaania

I have noticed inconsistencies in the history of Pennsylvaania as given by the wiki. Maybe there's stuff on websites that somehow deals with these problems,
Apr 27

IB: Introduction; Rhineland-Palatinate

Hello, First let me introduce myself. I'm Frederic Bayer (Fred will do), and I'm a conlanger and conculturer. I've been conlanging for a few years. (Goodness,
Apr 27

Drinking Age

Do your concultures have a legal drinking age, or do parents and tavern owners determine that? Yemora has child and adult taverns, and some child taverns will
Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews
Apr 19

IB: Slavery and segregation in Louisianne/the NAL

Now, while the wiki gives a clear date for when the NAL abolished slavery, and the topic of American (well, Covey) slavery is much more developed, Louisianne
Apr 9

The Yemoran Education Updated Copy

The Yemoran Educational System In order to understand the Yemoran Educational System, one must understand the basic biology, as the two are connected. A
Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews
Apr 6

Re: Some preliminary notes on Rosæ Crux

Hallo conculturists! ... These Elves are just a human ethnic group, without any "strange" features. They have normal lifespans, no pointed ears (at least not
Jörg Rhiemeier
Mar 27
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