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(fic) With Friends Like These, chapter 5... ^_^

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  • toma-chan
    Hi! This was a long time in coming, I know, but I ve been a little busy, hopefully the next one should come soon... ^_^ Feel free to update pages and leave
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      Hi! This was a long time in coming, I know, but I've been a little
      busy, hopefully the next one should come soon... ^_^ Feel free to
      update pages and leave comments, so I know how it went. Talk to ya all
      later! Toma-chan

      chapter 5, "Shiryoku(visions)"
      'With Friends Like These...'

      note: I went a little OOC with this one, I think, but hey, with
      characters reverting to a younger age, a sorceress that concocts
      spells, and the usual standard of suspending disbelief that sometimes
      accompanies watching an episode of 'Detective Conan'... oh, well, I
      hope people enjoy this, I've always wondered about the 'mental'
      aspects Aoyama-san keeps tossing into this cool series, and without
      further ado...

      #1 - Hakuba, the detective from the Magic Kaito series, is from
      England(ne? ^_^)

      Voices... I was hearing voices, but then it was quiet... Suddenly
      I woke up, but I seemed to be doing that a lot today more then
      anything else, I thought sourly with a curse, then looked around. I
      was in a room totally different then where Kaito had taken me before.
      It looked like a hotel room, somewhat familiar, but I had no time to
      dwell on that as someone cleared their throat. I knew I didn't look
      happy as I saw who was watching me with a smile. The Kaito Kid was
      back to wearing his usual white outfit, and he had just turned off the
      television when he noticed me awake. "Well, time to rise and shine,
      sleepy-head." Then his smile faded, replaced by a serious expression.
      "We have to figure out what to do when the Mouri party arrives at the
      train station in," he looked at his watch, "twenty minutes."
      The response I wanted to say stopped short as I remembered what I
      had done. Even if I had no idea what they had exactly done to me, I
      clenched my hands into fists as I recalled that Kaito had told me that
      I had revealed Kudo Shinichi to the Black Organization. At least they
      hadn't tried to kill or even shrink me yet, which was a plus. I took a
      deep breath and forced myself to speak calmly, going hysterical could
      be done later. "Well, I don't think I want to reveal that I've been
      brought back to Osaka yet, since they may lay low and grab him when
      he's back in Tokyo..." I thought for a second, then looked at Kaito,
      "Hey, maybe if I--" But Kaito frowned at me and waved his hand. "Won't
      work, I saw your disasterous plan to imitate Kudo Shinichi, and
      believe me, word gets around. I mean, you didn't change your dialect
      or ways of deduction. No wonder your girlfriend picked up on you,
      anyone could have really, since that was at Kudo's own school."
      The Kaito Kid was at Kudo's high school?? I was too surprised to
      respond to the insults, for what he was talking about was when I had
      tried to cover for Kudo some months ago. Back then, I didn't feel I
      had a choice, especially when Ran was about to figure out Kudo's
      secret, and when Kazuha saw through my disguise, it wasn't like I
      could say, 'Ok, you got me, but I was only trying to cover for the
      little kid over there!' At least Haibara-san had filled me in on what
      she and Kudo had done, so I could explain somewhat of what I was doing
      there dressed like that.
      "Well, then, do you have some other disguise that I could blend
      in with?" I said, frustrated, when I got over the shock. He nodded,
      and pulled out a small box of makeup and some clothes I didn't think
      my parents would have liked to see me in. "This," he said, holding out
      the makeup, "is for your skin, and these clothes should disguise you
      at least from people that don't know you." He threw both at me, and
      told me to hurry, since it would take at least ten minutes to arrive
      at the station from where we were now. I opened it and quickly started
      to smear the lighter shade of cream on my face, recognizing it for the
      same kind I had used before. Within five minutes, I was an entirely
      new person, providing I didn't meet up with Kazuha(who knew me so
      well) or that it started to rain(which it wasn't supposed to for a few
      more days). We left the hotel without anyone giving us a second
      glance, and headed down to the subway station.
      I cursed when I found out that the train had arrived five minutes
      earlier then it was supposed to have, meaning that the Mouris and Kudo
      were already gone with my father. Kaito, who had donned similar
      clothes and a baseball cap, calmed me down, saying that they most
      likely would have gone to my house or the Police Administration
      building where my father worked. So, seeing that we had to check out
      two places, we hailed a taxi and decided to try the Administrative
      building first, since it seemed logical that they would go there to
      find out any information. "I hope it dosn't make you nervous, I mean,
      you don't have to go in with me," I said quickly to him in a low
      voice, hoping I didn't sound condensending. "All I'm going to do is
      ask to see if they have driven there."
      He shot me a dubious glance, which I waved off a little
      anxiously. "Chau, chau. I promised you, didn't I? As far as I am
      concerned, this case isn't done by a long shot. I'll just go in there,
      this time affecting a Tokyo accent, and ask directions. I'd ask
      you to go in there, but I don't want anyone to get suspicious and
      figure out who you are. Not everyone is as nuts over apprehending you
      as that Inspector Nakamori or the high school detective from
      England(#1), but you wouldn't believe how many have you on their list
      to stardom." I shrugged, and looked out the window, satisfied that his
      reflection nodded.
      We got to the Administrative Building shortly after that, and I
      was just about to open the car door, when the world fell around me. At
      least that's the impression I got as I blinked several times, and
      focused my eyes on Kaito, who was staring down at me. "Wha-what?" I
      barely managed to choke out. "Are you all right, bochama?" the taxi
      driver was also staring at me in the rear-view mirror as well, and I
      smiled, at least as much as I could. "No, I'm all right, just... just
      feeling a little bit of a cold." I turned to Kaito as the driver faced
      front. "What happened??"
      "You fell back in the seat, and your pupils dilated. You seemed
      to be out of it for about a minute. If I didn't know better, I would
      think that maybe they gave you something else besides the truth
      serum--Hattori, Hattori?" For I had fallen back on my seat, not with
      what had apparently hit me before, but with shock. Just what had they
      done to me?? Was I going to turn small as well? Or was it some other
      kind of poison?? With a deep breath, I derailed the train of thoughts
      threatening to turn me into a quivering mass of jelly. "Ok, I'm going
      in there. Keep watch out here, ok?" I took hold of the door handle,
      but this time nothing happened, so I continued out towards the
      building. I took a look back to check on the taxi as I walked, and saw
      Kaito talking on his cell phone. Making a mental note to ask him when
      I got back, I narrowly missed bumping into a policeman exiting the
      building with an evidence bag. His swift look of anger quickly
      subsided into a look of concern. "Are you all right, young man?"
      I smiled and nodded, taking a quick look at his name badge, for
      something about this police officer didn't look right, for one thing,
      I didn't recognize him. He also smiled, though the expression didn't
      reach his eyes, and continued out towards a black and white car
      emblazoned with Otsuma markings. I turned back to go into the
      building, the guy still on my mind. Then I bumped into someone else,
      but this time it was not my fault, as she had her head turned and was
      calling out--
      "Ran-san!" I exclaimed, forgeting that I wasn't supposed to let
      anyone know I was not necessarily in danger anymore. Apperently she
      knew me, for she gasped. "Hatto--" I hurriedly put a finger on her
      lips and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. I didn't want my
      presence known yet, so I shook my head. "Sorry, but don't let on that
      you know me. I'm trying to findout what is going on, and it's to the
      point where I can't even let my family know I'm all right yet." She
      nodded, and I looked around. "So where is Ku-er-Conan-kun, huh?" I was
      trying to be nonchalant about the question, for I was starting to have
      a bad feeling.
      Ran shook her head, "I have no idea, I was looking around for him
      when I bumped into you. Did you see him?" My bad feeling became
      reality, as I realized something very unpleasent, something I hadn't
      noticed til now. I cursed, and pulled on Ran's hand, pulling her out
      of the building. She was too taken up in surprise until we arrived at
      the taxi. "Now, hold up, Hattori-kun, what is going on??"
      Hearing her tone of voice and quickly remembering that she was a
      master black belt in karate, I quickly let go of her hand, and turned
      to face her, a sort of sheepish look on my face as I tried to think of
      what to say. "I think something bad has happened..." I was interrupted
      by the door opening behind me, and a "Hisashiburi desu, Ran." I turned
      around, and was greeted by Kudo Shinichi. I stared, not at the fact
      that "Kudo" was in the taxi, but that Kaito had made himself up like
      Kudo.Heh, if someone slightly pushed on my shoulder, I probley would
      have fallen over completely. "Shi-Shinichi?" I saw Kaito nod and then
      Ran was standing next to him, hand punching into the side of the taxi
      by his head. I was half surprised that she hadmoved so fast, and half
      feeling sorry for Kaito that he was getting the wrath of Ran. "And
      just where have you been?" she asked a little angrily. Then something
      occured to her apparently, I saw her eyes narrow. "Wait, are you
      really Shinichi?"
      I could swear I saw Kaito wince, and said quickly, "Of course,
      Ran, I'm sorry if--" She held up a hand, and said "Prove it, sing!" I
      went cold all over, as Kaito stammered, "Which song? I don't know--"
      She was really getting on him, she interrupted him again. "It dosn't
      matter, just anything." Under threat of her clenched fist, he nodded
      and began to sing.
      It occurred to me then, as the first couple notes of whatever he
      was singing came out, that the Kaito Kid could sing, quite well in
      fact. But now I had an idea of what Ran was doing. Behind her back so
      she couldn't see, I grabbed my throat and hurriedly started pointing
      at it, shaking my head. He apparently got the idea quickly, as the
      next several notes went way off-key, as did the next set of the lyric.
      I winced, as did Ran, who clapped her hands to her head, and said that
      she believed him. Before she could do any more questioning, my
      apprehension gave way to the picture of the policeman I had nearly
      bumped into, complete with evidence bag which now seemed a little too
      strange to be commonplace. "Enough of this, let's go!" I pushed Ran
      into the taxi, and told the taxi to follow the Otsuma police car which
      I had seen drive by as Ran was questioning 'Shinichi'. She turned to
      me angrily, "Just what is going on?? We heard you got kidnapped, so we
      came here to help your family, now you and Shinichi are taking me off
      to follow a police car? We need to find Conan-kun..."
      I shook my head, and thought quickly of something close to the
      truth, "That's what we are doing, Ran-san. What happened was that I
      really was kidnapped, these men who are trying to track Kudo had some
      idea that I knew where he was, so while I was investigating a case
      yesterday, I was taken prisoner. I don't know how he did it, but," I
      gestured to Kaito. "He managed to save me. Now, while we're guessing
      that they can't let on that I escaped, they set their sights on
      someone else in order to draw Kudo out." I let her think on that a
      moment, then nodded as her eyes grew wide. "Yes, they captured Edogawa
      "Then why didn't we let your father and my father know!" she
      demanded. "Why are we chasing them by ourselves?" She did have a point
      there, but thankfully I was saved, not only by Kaito telling her that
      we were just going to follow them and then call. The other thing that
      kept her from being too angry was that I fell back in the seat again
      and fainted.

      Everything was black, as I turned in every direction. What was
      happening to me??, I thought, starting to be a bit scared. I tried
      calling out, but no sound emerged. I realized after trying to move and
      not being able to, I was not doing anything to get myself out of
      whatever this 'place' was. In the midst of my rushing into panicking,
      I remembered something my father once told me in my first year of
      elementary school, when I first fought back against a bully and lost.
      'Why do you try so hard when first up aginst an enemy? Be patient, and
      the obscure will become clear.' Then the old man enrolled me right
      away in kendo. So I figured that I may as well relax myself using the
      techniques I had learned during kendo. Yes, I'm not the hot-headed
      detective all the time, just when things get a little hectic. I closed
      my eyes, remembering when my sensei drilled me in meditation, and
      began to breathe deeply in a distinct pattern.
      I was in the middle of my breathing sets, when I distinctly began
      to feel a bit of a pulling. It felt strange, suddenly I sensed
      I was surrounded by a wall, and everytime I pressed against that wall
      with my hands, I felt... things. Not tangible things, but emotions,
      fear, happiness, love, that sort of thing. Never opening my eyes, I
      concentrated, and without really knowing how I did it, I felt myself
      focusing on a certain set of emotions, so close to my own that I knew
      instinctively who it was. I didn't even have to probe the thoughts,
      which I now realized I could do easily. But I didn't, just because
      there are some things a person keeps private, and I'm not a prying
      person. Then my hands pushed through whatever the wall was, and I
      stumbled as the wall disappeared.
      As I recovered my balance and opened my eyes, I saw that I was
      standing in a field, with a blue sky with the sun softly shining down
      over me, where I strangely felt welcomed. I felt ... well, it was hard
      to describe, like two worlds meshed into one, two cultures thoroughly
      mixed. It was on a mental level I didn't know I could understand
      normally, even transcending beyond love. No, not the silly sap that
      Kazuha and her friends like to read about bishounen who fall in love.
      I mean, the closest would be to compare it to twin siblings who
      somehow know something is happening to the other. I heard a gasp right
      behind me, whirled around, and standing just a few feet away was Kudo
      He looked as much as he did the last time I had seen his true
      form, grown up and wearing the clothes I assume is his school uniform.
      He was also staring at me, a very confused and almost fearful
      expression on his face. "Ha-Hattori?" I imagined I looked the same
      way, but I nodded anyway. "Where are we?" was the next blurted
      "I'm not sure, I-we're trying to track you down--" I was
      interrupted by him gasping, "The fake policeman, he grabbed me, got me
      to inhale some chemicals...." He trailed off as I nodded once more.
      "That's what I figured out, almost too late. Look, I was kidnapped by
      some members of the Black Organization, and the short of it is, I was
      forced to let them know who you are." I stopped for a moment, as guilt
      threatened to rear its ugly head, but I pushed it down and went on.
      "Right now we're following you, so don't worry..."
      His expression, which was locked in a glance of frozen shock,
      turned to dull anger, "Who's 'we'? Surely you arn't--" I had another
      one of those strange twinges, about the same as when I was tossed into
      the blackness of before, and gasped. I managed to choke out, "Kaito
      Kid, and Ran..."
      Kudo took a step towards me, he seemed to be torn between asking
      me why those two people in particular were helping me, and asking what
      was wrong with me. In fact, I 'felt' those two emotions thrown against
      me, which didn't help much because they felt like hammer blows. I
      think the latter won, because now he was asking me what had happened,
      why was I like this. I think I managed to whisper, "I was given
      strange... drugs, maybe like what you were given, I ... don't know..."
      I could feel myself starting to fade, my hands were going translucent
      as I held them out, sort of like a ghost becoming translucent in the
      movies. Barely I saw Kudo reaching for me, his fingertips brushed
      against mine as a welter of his emotions buffeted against me like a
      downpour of rain, a look of panic on his face as he also started to
      disappear... before the scene that we had been standing in shattered
      and I was thrown 'back' into my body with the force of being pushed
      against a wall by a dump truck.

      to be continued... ^_^

      Comments? ^_^
    • Nurul Ain Ahmad
      ... ] Wow!!! *screaming* finally, *sobs* you send the latest one. I thought you will never finish it, well, of course will kill me if you stop at chap 4 -_-,
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        --- toma-chan <recca@...> wrote:
        > Hi! This was a long time in coming, I know, but I've
        > been a little
        > busy, hopefully the next one should come soon... ^_^
        > Feel free to
        > update pages and leave comments, so I know how it
        > went. Talk to ya all
        > later! Toma-chan

        Wow!!! *screaming* finally, *sobs* you send the latest
        one. I thought you will never finish it, well, of
        course will kill me if you stop at chap 4 -_-, alright
        more Kaitou Kid.. more Heiji... :)

        Bet I'm the first who reply^^

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