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(fic)With Friends - chapter 2

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  • recca@planetjurai.com
    Hi! Thanks to everyone that wrote back about the first chapter of this story, I m currently finishing editing chapter 3 so hopefully it will be out in a few
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      Hi! Thanks to everyone that wrote back about the first chapter of
      this story, I'm currently finishing editing chapter 3 so hopefully it
      will be out in a few days, and chapter 4 is half done(I will tell you
      this much, Heiji isn't first-person for that chapter... ^_^) Anyway,
      talk to ya all later, and C&C is greatly appreciated. ^_^ Toma-chan,
      who has no clue where to fit this into the DC timeline after volume
      26, since who knows exactly how time passes in that series... ^_^

      Chapter 2, Prisoners

      I was lying on something cold, that was my first observation as I
      slowly came to, the second was that it seemed like my body was on
      fire as I tried to move and stopped with a pain-filled groan. As my
      eyes fluttered open and I surveyed my surroundings, I immediately
      wished I hadn't woken yet, or even more left the house tonight. I was
      lying in a small unfurnished room with no windows, the only openings
      seemed to be a door with no sign of a handle on it, and an air grate
      near the door that let in a weak smell of cleaning chemicals. A small
      ceiling light was our only source of illumination. I now began to
      feel the ropes that bound my wrists behind my back, as well as on my
      ankles. It occurred to me as I tried to slacken the ropes around my
      wrists unsuccessfully that something was preventing me from opening
      my mouth. Tape, I thought with a silent curse. What was going on, and
      what was I doing here like this?
      A small sound, the rustle of clothing on the floor, broke through
      my reverie, and I tried to turn my head, barely managing to do so
      because of the pain of moving stiff body parts. I could not stifle
      the surprised gasp that issued from my throat. I was not alone in my
      prison, as I saw the Kaito Kid bound in the same manner I was, but he
      still appeared to be out of it. He was still wearing his strange
      clothes, even the cape, but there was no sign of his top hat or the
      It struck me, as I studied him, that I must have been the first
      person to actually see what the Kaito Kid looked like, without any of
      his usual disguises or trying to fool people. I didn't feel really
      elated as I knew I might have been in another situation, rather, I
      must say I felt somewhat humbled, almost in awe. I mean, here was the
      legendary thief that even Kudo couldn't catch, countless rumors had
      circulated around him for so many years, and he didn't look any older
      then me. I was about to try to roll over to him, and see what was
      going on, when I heard the voices approaching via the grate.
      I rolled back over to where I had been, thankful that I had been
      lying away from the door and hoping that whoever it was keeping us
      prisoner here wouldn't notice that I had awakened. Maybe I could find
      out what exactly was going on. I barely had time to close my eyes
      before the door creaked open.
      "-- and almost had what we needed if it hadn't been for these two
      stumbling into the plan." A person with a gruff voice led the way
      into the room, followed by someone that was clicking something in his
      hands, a small detached part of my mind observed as I tried to keep
      myself looking unconscious. "Are you sure we just can't kill them and
      be rid of them?"
      His partner, still making the clicking noise that was starting to
      irritate me, walked closer to me, his shoes barely making a sound. I
      felt myself being grasped by the arm and rolled over slightly, had
      they discovered I was actually awake? I concentrated on relaxing my
      body, making it appear I hadn't woken yet, even though the movement
      hurt so much. I went through the mental skills my sensei had taught
      while beginning my kenjutsu classes to try to relax myself. But it
      seemed like eternity passed before the hand holding me let go, and I
      think stood up, for the clicking sound was above me now. At last he
      seemed to come to some conclusion, as he began to speak. "No, no, my
      friend, this could turn to our advantage. Do you realize who we have
      here?" The obvious silence following his question meant that
      his 'friend' had no clue. "This is the son of the police chief of
      Osaka. Maybe you don't see the opportunity this presents us, but
      think of the possibilities here. We could ransom him, or make his
      father do whatever we want." His calm voice surprised me, it was very
      pleasant, but in an oily kind of way. It was like if he was planning
      a party, only I was to be the guest of honor, so to speak.
      The thoughts running in my head at this stopped suddenly with a
      chill as I heard his next words. "Plus it's well known in this
      organization that he has ties to that missing detective our
      compatriots in the East are searching for, he may have an idea as to
      the whereabouts of Kudo Shinichi." 'Oh gods', I thought, fear seizing
      me in an icy grip. I had a good idea as to who our captors were now,
      which frightened me more then anything I've ever heard of, and I'm
      typically not afraid of anything. I mean, look what they did to Kudo,
      and they were only trying to kill him.
      "Maybe we ought to find out when he wakes up, huh?" Gruff voice
      asked, a hint of eagerness easily showing in his voice that made a
      shiver run up my back. "I could make him talk--"
      "No, no," his partner interrupted. He seemed to enjoy saying that,
      but it was grating on my nerves. "There are other means at our
      disposal, there is no need to get violent." I barely suppressed the
      shudder as thoughts of truth serums, hypnosis and other methods ran
      rampant around my mind. It was a wonder that they hadn't noticed my
      reactions, but then I heard them talking over by where the Kaito Kid
      was tied up, as they were now discussing him.
      "So what do we do about him?" I was really beginning to hate this
      guy, but of course I hadn't liked either of them in the first
      place. "Is he important too?"
      "Well..." The other person's voice trailed off, as if he were
      debating what to do. My heart froze in place for a second, kill the
      Kaito Kid? True, it wasn't like I was friends with him, in fact, the
      only association we have is that he's a thief, I'm a detective, and I
      was trying to capture him. But something made me hope fervently that
      they wouldn't, at least not yet. Not before maybe there was a chance
      of us getting out of this alive. Besides, I could never feel good
      about anyone getting hurt, enemy or not. Kudo once told me, as we
      watched a girl being taken away who had tried to kill herself before
      he had discovered her back-up plans, of a person he had encountered
      that had considered himself too much like his enemies to live. Kudo
      didn't feel it was right that someone should kill themselves, to let
      them do it would be like killing them outright. I never could forget
      the look in his eyes as he said it, there was something painful, even
      haunted filling them. I never pressed him for details, it didn't look
      like he needed the reminder.
      Thankfully the person who was in charge decided in my favor
      unknowingly. "I think we'll keep him alive for now, he may know
      something as well." I risked opening my eyes for a brief moment to
      catch a glimpse of the people holding us here. A smaller man was
      staring suspiciously at Kaito, obviously judging by his manner that
      he was the owner of the gruff voice, while a larger man knelt to
      touch Kaito's cape. Both were dressed in black, matching Kudo's
      descriptions, though were not the same people he had run
      into. "Interesting clothes..." he said thoughtfully, then shrugged.
      It seemed like there was some sort of requirement for the
      Organization to have a dopey-looking guy and a suave person partnered
      up, I couldn't help thinking with a silent laugh even in the
      situation I was in, maybe it equaled out somehow. I quickly closed my
      eyes again as they turned away from him. That part of my mind that
      was still filing things away for later observation noted that he was
      clicking what seemed to be a black lighter in his right hand, though
      why that was any importance, I had no idea. Just one of
      those 'anything is useful to know' things Kudo says sometimes, I
      "I think the effects of the gas that knocked them out should last
      a few more hours at most, then we can decide what to do about young
      Hattori when the results come in. Gather your sources together, and
      we'll-- " What he said next was obscured by the door closing, and the
      voices became indistinct as they walked away from our room.
      I immediately rolled over to look at Kaito, basically so I could
      get up the nerve to convince my aching body to move over to him, but
      his eyes were open and looking back at me, apparently he'd been
      playing possum just like I had. I showed him my tied hands as much as
      I could, my arms were starting to protest being held in such an
      awkward position for so long. I was under the impression that he
      would roll over to me and I would work on untying him.
      What happened next surprised me, even for someone like the Kaito
      Kid. He pushed himself up against the wall, closed his eyes in
      concentration, and brought his shoulder down heavily on the floor,
      effectively dislocating the joint. I winced unwillingly, then watched
      with stunned eyes as he twisted his arm to slacken the ropes around
      his wrists. Apparently he was doing this in a lot of pain, since
      anything dislocated hurts very much, as I found out some months ago
      when I was chasing a criminal and finally managed to tackle him,
      earning the before-mentioned dislocated shoulder. After some minutes,
      his ropes slipped loose and he pulled the arm out carefully, I could
      see the sweat beading on his forehead, though he wasn't making any
      sound. He opened his eyes, and saw me staring at him. He actually had
      the nerve to wink at me before he slammed his shoulder into the floor
      again to set the joint back in place. After some minutes of heavy
      breathing against the apparent pain, he sat up and ripped the tape
      off his mouth.
      The tape on my own mouth preserved my dignity, otherwise my jaw
      would have hit the ground in shock, which wouldn't have been much. He
      coughed softly, then began to laugh. "What a conversation, eh
      Hattori? Looks like you're an important person after all. And
      me, 'not important'," he said, imitating the smaller man perfectly as
      he pulled out a small knife out of somewhere in his clothes to free
      his legs. He snorted at the thought and stood up to survey our
      prison. Looks like I was getting surprise after surprise today,
      because I hadn't believed Kudo when he told me about the Kaito Kid,
      one of his big talents besides escaping was to mimic any voice of any
      person. I wondered what else our little friend had up his sleeve.
      Wait a minute, he was -- Hey! It suddenly dawned on me that he was
      making no move to free me! I tried to say something to bring his
      attention to me, but all that would come out was something resembling
      a snarl. It did its job, however as he turned startled eyes towards
      me. I wasn't buying it, being certain that my share of the dilemma
      had been on his mind all along. My hands tightened in their bonds as
      I knew that even with all of this happening, he was still playing
      with me. Well, nothing much I could do but get him to untie me. I
      raised my hands again, and glared at him. He walked towards me, and
      knelt by my head.
      "You want me to untie you, huh?" I nodded my head fervently, and
      snarled at him, since nothing else could get around the tape. I could
      see now why Kudo was so hot to catch this guy, if things were
      different I would have hauled him in and thrown him in jail myself.
      Eventually reason set in, and I made myself relax, the ropes were
      starting to hurt because of me tensing in anger, and I did need his
      help to escape this. He had the small knife in his hand, and now it
      moved towards me, but stopped as he seemed to think of something.
      "I wonder what would happen if I did free you. Though I know
      you'll be grateful, what is to stop you from attracting the nearest
      policeman's attention in order to apprehend me once we get out of
      this place?" He cocked his head to one side thoughtfully, "Maybe I
      should just leave you here..." and without warning, he snatched the
      tape off of my mouth.
      I yelped, that had hurt! I was barely able to keep my voice down,
      I didn't want to catch the attention of our captors. I really wanted
      to swear at him, I was very tempted. But that wouldn't help me out of
      this, so I calmed myself down again, if I wasn't careful I could end
      up with a bad headache. "Listen, Kaito," I said, after several
      attempts to make my voice work. It was still somewhat weak though, I
      was hoping it would get better soon. "I won't, I promise, from the
      way it sounds, I don't think I'll be able to do much of anything with
      them on my trail, since they know who I am. You know these are the
      same group that's after Kudo too." He nodded, a thoughtful expression
      on his face, and I pressed on with more confidence. "Just help me get
      out of this mess, and I won't try anything." I gave him an honest
      look, I did have to tell him the truth. "But I do have to say the
      next time, I won't be able to be so lenient, you know who I'm
      basically surrounded by."
      He studied me for a moment, then nodded once more and cut the
      ropes binding my hands and feet. I lay there for several minutes,
      letting my body relax itself after being in a cramped position for so
      long. Don't believe what you see in movies, a person can't just jump
      up and do normal movements, it does hurt as the body tries to resume
      circulation to places that have not moved for minutes or even hours.
      That brought up another point, I had no clue how long we'd been
      kept in here. Once I felt I was able to when the 'pins and needles'
      reaction had settled down, I raised my arm to look at my watch. I
      blinked several times, then realized it was gone, there were only
      rough red lines on my wrists where the ropes had rubbed. I asked
      Kaito, who had gone back to checking the walls if he had seen it when
      he had cut me loose. He shook his head, glancing at me with a
      surprised look that I knew couldn't be fake. That led me to something
      else. I checked my pockets, everything was missing, from my wallet
      containing my ID and money to my little pocket knife that my father
      had presented me when I was younger. Even the little pouch Kazuha had
      given me for `good luck' was gone. A quick search around the room
      revealed nothing. I swore then, and Kaito turned his attention to me
      again. "They took everything I had," I said angrily. "They might try
      to use it against Father to show that they have me. Do you have
      anything other then that knife?" A sudden thought struck me as I sat
      up, "Where did you get that knife from, anyway?"
      He smiled, and pulled on his coat, a small seam looked like it had
      spilt, but upon closer examination, it turned out to be a small
      pocket that had other kinds of tools in it. Seeing a watch in there,
      I asked him how long he thought we might have been here. He took it
      out, and counted with his fingers silently. Then he looked at me with
      an unusually sober look on his face, "I think we've been here for
      about fourteen hours, it's just after two o'clock in the afternoon."
      He turned back to the wall, and folded his arms, sighing.
      I stared at him, feeling the blood drain out of my face. "Two --
      two tomorrow??" I stuttered, not managing anything else. "Father's
      got to be going nuts, and so is Kazuha, if they aren't already. And
      school too..." I shook my head in dismay, then shrugged in
      acceptance, it's not like Kudo has had perfect attendance recently.
      But my father and mother? If I was lucky, they hadn't found out yet.
      If not, let's just say I'd be the focus of a citywide search,
      assuming we were even in Osaka anymore. Don't even consider what
      Kazuha's actions might be, I didn't want to think of what she may be
      doing. Maybe doing a house-to-house search, or something to the
      effect of that, knowing her.
      I watched Kaito move around the room again, and got up, he didn't
      seem to be having any luck getting out of here. This was one time I
      didn't want him to fail to escape. "Any chance?" I asked, glancing
      around the room myself. As I had noticed before, the room was very
      empty, and had no openings except for the door and the small grate,
      which I had the feeling were the only ways we could get out. I took a
      closer look at the grate, it was about as high as my shoulders, and
      it only looked like the screen was on our side of the wall.
      Kaito got out his knife again, "Looks like this and the door are
      the only ways out," he said thoughtfully, echoing my thoughts. "But
      there is no way I can open the door, it's too thick. And I also have
      the feeling we do not want them to discover our progress." He dug the
      knife into one of the corners of the screen. "So this is the only
      option we have."
      I nodded, that was my opinion too, and I tried to help him as much
      as I could without getting the knife stuck in my hands. After several
      minutes, the grate cover slipped off, and I laid it down carefully.
      Kaito already had his hands braced on the opening, and looked at
      me, "Now comes the hard part, you have to boost me up there so I can
      open the door for you."
      "Hold on," I shook my head, not trusting him for a minute. "What
      if you just decide to leave me here? Let me, I'll open it, that way I
      can be sure--"
      "--of getting stuck is more like it," Kaito snorted. "I'll do it,
      I'm thinner and more used to using these." He ignored my muttered "I
      imagine...", and reached up again. He turned one eye towards me, and
      winked at me again. "Trust me." There was nothing I could say back to
      him as I helped him up into the grate, and he disappeared.
      I waited anxiously by the door, wondering a multitude of things.
      Was he actually going to let me out? Was one of our captors going to
      discover him? What would they do to me, if they decided to keep me
      and not ransom me after all? What were they doing in the museum
      anyway? What seemed like minutes passed, as my imagination started to
      grow and I was about to try to get into the grate myself, when the
      door finally opened to reveal Kaito wearing his usual grin. "Sorry
      about that, I kinda had to pick the lock that was on the door..." he
      said as he held up a somewhat rusted padlock. I just shook my head,
      trusting myself not to say anything. We put the grate screen back
      where it was, with the ropes that they'd used on us inside, so they
      would hopefully spend more time worrying about what happened then
      looking for us, though I wasn't feeling that lucky. Kaito locked the
      door to help aid our escape, and we were free, at least for the

      To be continued...
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      that was great! loved it, for some reason i don t think they that lucky neither. thank you keep it up! pheebes
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        that was great! loved it, for some reason i don't think they that
        lucky neither. thank you
        keep it up!
      • Laura Hoak-Kagey
        Well, I finally got it done! Despite my hectic schedule lately...I am still working on the Conan Fanfic page too! Please let me know your comments, and to
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          Well, I finally got it done! Despite my hectic
          schedule lately...I am still working on the Conan
          Fanfic page too!

          Please let me know your comments, and to other fanfic
          authors, I've been reading your fics as I edit
          them/upload them to my site, but I'll do comments
          later, at one time!

          Ja ne!

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        • Mr Joe Get
          Hehehe, such a sweet fic, I m relieved to know that Ran is happy being with Shin, so their third child is a girl, that s cute! I love your fic and good luck on
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            Hehehe, such a sweet fic, I'm relieved to know that Ran is happy being with Shin, so their third child is a girl, that's cute! I love your fic and good luck on your Conan Fanfic page!
            ----- Original Message -----
            Sent: Friday, August 03, 2001 8:46 PM
            Subject: [conan] (FIC) HnS Chapter 4

            Well, I finally got it done!  Despite my hectic
            schedule lately...I am still working on the Conan
            Fanfic page too!

            Please let me know your comments, and to other fanfic
            authors, I've been reading your fics as I edit
            them/upload them to my site, but I'll do comments
            later, at one time!

            Ja ne!

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            Well, part of the idea of this chapter came from me experiencing my first "Natsu Matsuri", aka Summer Festival, in Japan.  And I really did play with some little girls there, so I suppose I can relate. :)

            Yes, Conan does not belong to me, but to Aoyama Gosho, Shogakukan (Shonen Sunday) and Movic. 

            Remember, the 17 year old Ran uses *thought* and the older version of herself uses [thought].

            Hitori ni Shinaide...
            Chapter Four: Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival)
            By Laura Hoak-Kagey

            When Ran opened her eyes this time she found herself standing in the middle of a street that was filled with various booths and stands.  It looked like a Japanese summer festival...

            *Where are we this time?*

            [This is your future.  All of the same rules apply as did when you visited your other possible future.  I'd rather let you discover things for yourself instead of me telling you...but if you have any problems, I'll come back to help you out.  Until then...]


            But Ran knew that the silvery lady was gone already.  She sighed, and decided she should start looking around.  If she was here, then most likely her future self and/or Shinichi's future self was here as well.

            Ran had passed a few food stands of okonomiyaki, yakitori and yakisoba before she heard a little girl squeal in delight.

            "Papa!  Shinji!  Look!  I got one!"

            Ran walked to get a closer look.  The girl looked to be about five, and was wearing a darling yukata (summer kimono) with bursts of fireworks on it. 

            A man wearing a male yukata, her father Ran concluded, had his back to her, but was guiding the little girl's hands towards a plastic bag filled with water.  "Hurry Misaki!  If you wait too long, the fish won't make it..."

            *That voice...could it be?*

            Ran walked to the side of the goldfish-catching booth in order to get a look at the man from the front.  Once Ran saw the man's face, she knew who he was.  It was an older version of Shinichi.  If Shinichi was here, then that meant she had to be here with him.  If they were still together, which Ran hoped to be true.

            After the man running the stand had tied a string at the top of the plastic bag, he handed it to Misaki.  "There you go, little girl."

            "Thanks!"  After she had taken the goldfish, her eyes lit up even more.  But it wasn't long before the little boy next to her started to complain.

            "Papa!  I wanna fishy too!  I keep trying, but I can't do it."  He put his bottom lip out a bit, in a pout.

            "Just leave it to your papa, and I'll get a fishy for ya too, alright Shinji?"  Shinichi gave not exactly a grin, but a warm smile to his youngest child.

            "Really Papa?  You'll get me a fishy?"

            Shinichi ruffled Shinji's hair.  "Of course."  Shinichi paid the man running the stand, took his little fish scoop of wire and paper, and bent down to the little pond-like box which held the fish.  "Alright...help me decide which one Shinji.  I can't do this by myself..."

            Ran tried not to laugh.  Shinichi was being so...so father-like.  Which meant he was being sillier than she had ever seen since they were children themselves. 

            *But...if Shinichi's here, why am I not here?*

            She decided that all she could do was follow the trio.  At some point she would find out who Shinichi's wife was.

            Ran spent the next half an hour following them.  It was entertaining to watch Shinichi take Misaki and Shinji to booth after booth, trying to win them prizes and make the two children laugh whenever they couldn't win anything.  Finally, after stopping at a crepe booth, they went to a nearby bridge, and sat down on the raised curb of the sidewalk. 

            "After you finish eating your crepes, we'll set off some fireworks until the big ones come.  Does that sound good?"

            The siblings said together, "Yeah!"

            The two children quickly devoured their crepes, and anxiously waited for their father to start giving them fireworks.  After Shinichi had given each of the two children a sparkler, he started to light one for himself when Misaki spoke up.

            "I wish mama could've come."  She continued to stare into the bright light of the firework, never looking away from it to her father's face.

            "Misaki, we talked about this before.  Mama needs to rest.  You know she would've come if she could have."  Shinichi's face had become solemn while he had said these words. 

            Since Ran didn't have exact proof as to who his wife was, she tried not to worry too much.  Rather than try to contemplate it all, Ran waited to see what would be said next.  However, at that moment the silvery lady decided to speak to Ran.

            [Ran, since it would take a lot of time otherwise, I'm going to take you to Shinichi's house.]

            This time, the somewhat soothing silver light didn't come, but instead the surroundings around Ran shifted and then changed. When everything was still again, Ran was standing in front of Shinichi's house.

            *Well, I suppose I should enter it...*

            Ran started for the house and within a minute she was standing in the entrance hallway.  She noticed the little geta (Japanese style sandals) on the floor, and surmised that Shinichi, Misaki and Shinji must have come home ahead of her. 

            She headed up the stairs.  On the second floor of Shinichi's house was where the rooms used as bedrooms were at.  Ran just barely reached the top of the stairs when she saw Shinichi come out of one of the rooms.

            "Good night kiddies."  Shinichi quietly shut the door and sighed.

            He sure looks tired, Ran observed.  Shinichi's face told her that something was occupying his mind, but she wasn't sure what. 

            Shinichi started down the hall, and went into the room Ran remembered as his parents bedroom.  She followed him, but the door shut in her face.

            *Lucky thing I can go through doors...though if this is Shinichi's parents room from before, I would guess that it would be his now.  Stepping through this door will show me who his wife is...*

            Ran took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and stepped through the door.  After a few seconds she finally got the courage to open her eyes.  She could see a woman lying in the bed, with Shinichi at her side.

            "Shinichi...you're back?  How'd it go?  I'm sure Misaki and Shinji had a good time."  It was the woman from the bed who had spoken.

            Ran stepped forward to find out who was in the bed, but her question was answered with the words Shinichi said next.

            "Of course they had a good time.  But they wanted you to be there too, Ran.  Don't ever think that they didn't want you there, okay?"

            Ran.  So it was her that was the woman in the bed.  But why...?  Ran hoped that she'd be able to find out from the pair's conversation.  Although Ran did find it strange that the older version of herself had a blanket on, with lots of pillows surrounding her as well.  It was summer...

            The older Ran in the bed gave a weak smile.  "Don't worry, I don't.  If I could just get out of this bed..."

            "You know better."  Shinichi curtly answered.  Though his expression softened quickly.  "You know what the doctor said.  Shinji should have been the last child you had.  Carrying this third child to term is dangerous for your health, and I don't want anything to happen to you.  You have to follow the orders of bedrest for all of our sake."  Shinichi squeezed his wife's hand tightly.

            *Third child...?  So that's why she can't get out of bed!*

            Ran moved forward to get a closer look at her future self.  Even though Ran could tell that this lady was having a hard time carrying out her bedrest, she look content and even radiant despite her condition. 

            But she couldn't do anything but smile at the way the married couple were looking at each other.  There was so many loving and caring emotions in their faces.

            *I hope she turns out alright...*

            [This is as far as I can show you.  But do listen to this.  A beautiful little girl named Eriko strongly resembles the grandmother she was named after...]

            Ran noticed a brief pause, but soon she heard both voices of her older selves inside her head.

            [Although it may not have helped you, we have shown you your futures.  Although there is no easy way to get to a future, nor is there a way to escape all sadness and pain, but we hope you realize how different something can become with the outcome of one decision...]

            Only a split second passed between the voices ceasing and a swirling white and red light encompassing Ran.  She felt as if she were falling from a great height; a darkness filled her vision.

            Alright, there is one more chapter after this, to tie it all up.  But let me know what you think please!

            Oh, and about the names so far.  Here is why I picked them (previous chapter too...)
            Misaki--means "Beautiful bloom" and anyone would want their child to be one. :)
            Shinji---  A combination of Shin'ichi and Heiji
            Eriko--explained, but named after Eri, Ran's mother
            Nami--the meaning is "wave" but I picked it because I like Nami from One Piece :)
            Yuuichi--Well, I wanted a name with the "ichi" part of Shin'ichi's name, and I had a little boy named Yuuichi in one of my classes I taught before
            Yamazaki Keiichi---Yamazaki is the last name of Ran's Seiyuu, and I took Keiichi from Ah! Megami-sama! :)
            Chieko---well...I've heard the name before, and was the first to come to mind

            One last note.  All the things mentioned at the Summer Festival are true things you do at a Japanese Summer Festival.... 

            July/August 2001
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            ... But let me know what you think please! ... (previous chapter too...) ... took Keiichi from Ah! Megami-sama! :) Oh I guess no one claimed the cookie then ^^
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              > Alright, there is one more chapter after this, to tie it all up.
              But let me know what you think please!
              > Oh, and about the names so far. Here is why I picked them
              (previous chapter too...)
              > Yamazaki Keiichi---Yamazaki is the last name of Ran's Seiyuu, and I
              took Keiichi from Ah! Megami-sama! :)
              Oh I guess no one claimed the cookie then ^^
              Great fic! : ) It's nice to have Ran's vision of things ^^
              I wonder what decision she'll make! ^_^
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