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[FIC] The Unexpected 3

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  • Shiniki Kudo
    The Unexpected chapter 3 Shiniki: um... here s the 3rd part.... still waiting for the murders to come up.... sorry about that..... hope you guys willl enjoy
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 30, 2001
      The Unexpected
      chapter 3

      Shiniki: um... here's the 3rd part.... still waiting for the murders to come
      up.... sorry about that..... hope you guys willl enjoy this anyway.......
      and, one more thing, i'm going on holiday for about a week or so, so i won't
      be posting in that time.... please be patient and wait for me........ thanks

      ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

      She was sitting alone again. Near the top of the seats, where little people
      would choose to sit. She was quiet as usual, waiting for the lesson to
      begin. Maybe it's age. She was the youngest one to be studying in the
      university, yet one of the cleverest ones there. May be it's her
      personality. She was so quiet and independent that no one would ever get
      near her. But it seem as though
      she didn't expect anyone to ever get close to her either.

      The teacher walked in as usual, with his boring old suit and same old
      glasses. But the new student who was following the teacher was special.
      Something special about him that made the female students mumble under their
      breathes. The teacher's going to speak. He coughed two times, indicating
      that he needs their attention.

      " Can I have quiet please. Today we've got an exchange student from UK
      Cambridge university. He'll be staying here for a year."the teacher said,
      searching for spare seats for the new student as he spoke, " Now, please
      introduce yourself."

      The new student nodded and faced the rest of the students. " My name is
      Hakuba Saguru. From UK. Yoroshiku." a bow and a smile followed his warm
      self-intro, casuing the girls to clap for his smartness and handsomeness.

      "Hakuba, please find a seat for yourself and we will start the lesson." the
      teacher guided him off the platform and went to get ready for the first

      Uncertain where to sit, the handsome blonde haired boy walked towards the
      empty spces near the top. Then he noticed the red-haired girl near by, and
      chose to take his seat next to that girl. His move caused the rest of the
      girls to glare at the quiet girl. Jealousy.

      " Yoroshiku. I'm Hakuba Saguru. Is it alright if i take this seat?" Saguru
      gave out a friendly hand to the girl, who seem not to have taken any notice
      of him. Then she looked up, meeting blue with red. And smiled. " Yoroshiku.
      Miyano Shiho desu." and the two shook hands.

      < f l a s h b a c k >

      Tears rolled down her heated cheeks. Her long, thin fingers traced the boy's
      face in the photo once more, and slided it back behind the other one. She
      frowned.* What's going on? Are those tears rolling down? Am... Am I crying?*

      There wasn't any time for her to think more when an intruder wiped her tears
      away with a finger. Shocked, the trembling girl looked up sharply and met
      deep blue pools. She stared into them for a while, then realised that she
      barely had any clothes on when full concious came back, and grabbed the
      cover nearby and covered herself with it, cuddling the covers. She applied
      more force, turning into a small ball, attempting to stop the trembling from
      the painful transformation. Also avioding any contact with the intruder. But
      the intruder got closer, now half ontothe bed, he placed one hand on either
      side of the girl's body, moving ever so closely to her. She was surprised.

      She looked at the door, then back to teh deep blue pools, confused. The
      intruder smiled, " The door wasn't locked." and moved even closer to her
      until their foreheads met. They could hear each other's breathings.

      They kept in this position for a while, each studying the other's eyes,
      searching for what they wanted. Suddenly, the girl jerked away, leaving the
      intruder eyes wide. The intruder sighed. And said, " Gomen.... please
      forgive me... I wasn't using my brain when I said it......" and looked into
      the red orbs. They were still angry and sad. The intruder waited for another
      few minutes, then let
      out a big sigh. " Saturday 0800 hours, at Beika trainstation, I'll wait for
      you. ' til you come." his vioce was filled with sorrow. And moved away from
      the cruled up girl, heading for the exit. Hhis hand was on the handle when
      she called him.


      He looked at the worried and exhausted girl, waiting for her to continue.
      But she shook her head from side to side. " Not..Nothing.." she was
      whispering. Shinichi nodded. " I'll tell Hagase..." and waved goodbye to the
      girl, only dropping a line before closing the door," You... looked great
      when you're not a kid.... Sleep well"

      * * * * * * *

      "Why aren't you going to sleep?" Kogoro moaned at the girl in pyjamas
      sitting in front of the tele, a bowl of popcorns on her lap.Kogoro himself
      was crouching on the table, as empty beer cans are piling up, blocking his
      vision. It was nearly 1100 hours. " Come on, I need to watch the show!!
      Youko-sama's show is on!!!"

      But the black haired girl didn't care. She has got far more improtant things
      to do, and she's going to hold on til the end. Ran simply turned around and
      said, " I need to wait for Sonoko's call, ise the tele in your room!"

      "But the tele in my room----" Kogoro was going to get the remote control and
      change the channel when the phone rang.. Again. With a big sigh, he headed
      for the phone, complaining whilst on his way to there, " What kind of freak
      would make a phone call in the middle of Youko-sama's show?!" picked up the
      phone, and shouted, " Who the hell is it?!"

      But he got screamed back at.

      " Who the hell? You're speaking to me like this? Get Ran here you old
      freak!!" He regonised this voice immediately. Suzuki Sonoko. She was as
      moody and bossy as usual. * I feel sorry for my precious daughter to have
      got her as a firend....* Kogoro thought, and quickly called Ran over to take

      After handing the phone to Ran, Kogoro " flew" to his destination with
      excitement, and began screaming Youko's name enthusiastically. Desperate to
      avoid the noise from her father, Ran went into her bedroom and closed the
      door behind. " Gomen, Sonoko. My father is drunk. um... What's up?" Ran held
      the phone close, listening carefully.

      " Oh yeah, my sister's former classmate is holding a camp at her motel near
      Mt.Fuji, it's huge and near the cliffs, there're also caves to explore!!
      It's going to be exciting! There's going to be so many handsome boys there!
      anyway, my sister can't go because she's going to California with dad, and
      her place is left empty, so i thought it would be great to have to coming
      with me! It's only
      for 3 days! Do you want to come along? It's boring waiting for that freak!
      Come along and get some new boyfriends! I've already told sis you're going
      to take her place. I'll get my car to your house on saturday. OK with you?"
      Sonoko's voice was different by fractions,there was something constantly
      ractling when she spoke, but Ran wasn't sure what it was.

      " Um.... OK. May be Shinichi will go as well!.... please come and pick me up
      on Saturday. And... um... is it ok if Conan comes along as well?" Ran asked
      while looking around for the noise.

      " Ran!! It's going to be romantic!! So don't take that kid along! Please.."
      Sonoko begged. And like always, Ran would surrender and do it Sonoko's way.
      And this time there's no exception.

      " OK... I'll go alone then. But please promise me you'll sleep with me! I'm
      afraid of the... dark.." Ran blushed a little, embarrassed about being
      scared of the dark at hre age.

      " Um... Sure! oh, it's nearly 1200 now, i'd better get some sleep. Need to
      make the spots to go away before my big day! Night Ran!"

      " Goodnight." And hang the phone. Ran looked out of the window, and
      pondered. *Shinichi, where are you?*

      * * * * * * *

      Returning the headphone to the hanger in the car, the older man in black
      looked at his partner next to him, who was sitting still, not a movement was
      made throughout the journey. The older man asked, " So, Shuichi, what are
      you going to do? You going to follow them? If you are, you have to tell Gin
      about it first, I think he's doing the same thing. And Vermouth."

      His questions, as he himself knew so well, would not be answered by his
      un-enthusiastic partner, so it has always been one of his hobbies to ask
      questions he knew the answer to. But this time was different.

      " Yes. I'm going to follow her til we meet again, James. And get her to
      explain." the other man in black said calmly.

      " Aren't you going to get her to pay for what she's done? You can't trust a
      traiter like her? Gin told us to kill her if we meet her anywhere." James
      said full of anger, but also sounded worried about his partner.

      " Start the engine James." Shuichi ordered coldly. Obviously wanted to
      change the topic. Not wanting to ask no more or get himself into trouble,
      James started the car engine and they were off o the streets near the Kogoro
      tanteisa. Having known everything they wanted to know and plans already
      clear in their heads. " I'll do it my way."

      * * * * * * *

      It was Saturday morning. Shinichi woke up before dawan, sweaty and
      horrified. He was having the same dream again. Of Shiho betraying him and
      going off with Gin, Vodka. And killing Ran and Shiho in front of his own
      eyes. Blooded scattered everywhere.

      Wiping away the sweats on his forehead, he gazed at the clock on the
      nightstand. 04:05. He sighed. Knowing he couldn't get anymore sleep, he got
      out of bed and went for a quick shower before going to meet Ai, no, Shiho. *
      Hai... (sigh) Hope my 7th sence is not as good as Heiji's.... Maybe a shower
      would help wrinsing them out of my head....*

      * * * * * * *

      The long haired girl woke up, worried. She had one of those nightmares
      again. She had had one of those since Shinichi's disappearance, dreaming of
      the same scenario of Shinichi being with some other girl in black, and with
      the black men they met in the theme park. She stood up and took some deep
      breathes, calming herself down. She then went to prepare for the camp which
      is taking place later that day. * Shinichi.... Will you come today?*

      * * * * * * *

      Shinichi was standing by the trainstation at 07:15. 45 minutes earlier then
      they'd promised. He was wearing an over-sized T-shirt and dark blue jeans,
      with a nike sporsts bag beside him, containing his items. He was playing on
      his mobile, totally forgotten about the time. It was a tap on his shoulder
      that brought him back to reality. He looked up sharply and then mouth opened

      Standing before him was an angel frmo heaven. Shoulder lenght red hair,
      over-sized T-shirt, a mini skirt, accomplimied with a pair of tight
      trousers, and blue trainers with gradient to decorate more. Then finally
      finishing with a silver crucifix resting on the white T-shirt. She looked
      gorgeous. Looking at her still, Shinichi dropped his mobile.

      The girl bent over and returned the phone to its owner, then said flatly, "
      The train's coming, Kudo." Shinichi was surprised by her tone of voice, but
      all these were expected. Afterall, it was his fault. Standing up, Shinichi
      popped his phone back into his pocket and thanked the girl, " Arigatou,
      Haibara.. no ... Miyano."

      The two got on the train and sat together, though Shiho sat quite far apart,
      seem as though Shinihi's got the plague or something. Not sure what to do or
      what to say, Shinichi sat there, nice and quiet, studying the girls's every
      bit during the journey to their destination. * Is she still mad at me?*

      But things aren't just that simple in life. THey got off the train at the
      right station, and found themselves standing in the middle of the forest,
      helpless of what to do next,. Shinichi was still looking aroudn when he saw
      something moving at the corner of his eyes.

      He turned around and found Shiho reading a map, then talking coldly to him,
      " It's in the middle of the forest, near the cliffs. It's that way," she
      pointed at the direction of the forests and the little pathway in teh
      middle of it. " ah..." Shinichi nodded in acknowledgement, and was about to
      start speaking, but time wouldn't allow him to do so. The red haired girl
      had already started walking and was almost invisible as she emerged into the
      forest. Not wanting to get lost in a deserted place like the place he was
      in, Shinihi hurried up and caught up with Shiho..........

      * * * * * * *

      " So..Sonoko... are you sure it's this way?!" Ran asked worriedly, grabbing
      a hold of the handle tightly next to her. Sonoko laughed at the sight, and
      said calmly, " Yes, Ran. It's this way. It'll get smoother after this bit of
      bumpy and rocky road. calm down. Won't kill you." looking back out of the
      windows again, Sonoko added " Oh, mind you, we've got to walk quite a long
      distance to get to the motel, the car can't get through the hanging bridge.
      Lucky I brought some maids with me ^^"

      " H..hai..." A little scared of the up coming journey, Ran sat back into the
      cosy seat and tried to enjoy teh remaining part in the car.

      * * * * * * *

      Having reached to the other side of the old bridge safely, Shinichi took a
      glimpse at Shiho, and said smiling," Looks like you've done quite a lot of
      these in the past? Still not tired?" But still, the girl remained cold and
      said with her back to him. " Yes. We do this in USA. Quite often." and
      started to head for the motel which yet had not come into sight. Following
      closely behind, Shinichi sighed, * Still cold- blooded.... can't blame you,
      can I?*

      They carried on for about 30 minutes then they stopped. The motel had
      finally came into view. It was spectacular. Wonderful. Marvellous. Detailed.
      Brilliantly decorated. Shinichi was surprised that this was actually a
      motel. " WOW!!! That's the Tanaka motel? IT's.. .it's great!! Massive!
      Bigger than my house in LA!!!"

      Then it was the first time Shiho had spoken to him that day, face to face.
      She was walking backwards, smirking. " That's surprising.You think something
      is great? That's an un-Shinichi thing." They started walking while Shiho
      spoke, and she was walking backwards.Then she tripped over a stone and fell.

      "Be careful!!" Shinichi dashed forward, catching the scared girl in tim,e
      then knelt on the floor with Shiho sitting next to him. " Baka."

      Making eye contact, Shiho was red, embarrassed at the event that took
      place." Do...Domo Arigatou!" She was trying to stand up, but fuond that she
      couldn't. Her ankle was badly twisted.

      "Ah? Your ankle?" Shinichi got closer, trying to examine her ankle to see
      the level of damagement there. As usual, she jerked away. "I'm fine!"

      "Fine!? You're a big joker!" Shinichi smirked, then picked her up suddenly
      with one hand, taking her bag with them, slung it over his shoulder, then
      carried Shiho in both arms. Smiling at the girl who was punching him, trying
      to get out of his arms." Don't even try, Miyano. You're too weak." and
      started to head for the entrance.

      They were only a few meters away from the entrance when a furious voice
      called him from behind.


      ~ t o b e c o n t i n u e d ~

      Shiniki: so... what d'ya think? good? bad? boring? catchy? all comments are
      welcomed!!!! O^^O and i'll read the comments when i get back from the
      holiday ^^

      2001.07.30 ~ JYA!

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    • Pyro _______
      Haha! Very funny. Yoko-sama. *snicker* Can t wait for the next chapter! I love your story. It s GREAT!
      Message 2 of 7 , Jul 30, 2001
        Haha! Very funny. Yoko-sama. *snicker* Can't wait for the next chapter! I
        love your story. It's GREAT!

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      • 武 秋菊
        Hey! It was great! So funny! I can t wait for the next chapter to come out. I hope you re back soon. When is Hakuba going to actually come out in person? I
        Message 3 of 7 , Jul 30, 2001
          Hey! It was great! So funny! I can't wait for the next chapter to come
          out. I hope you're back soon. When is Hakuba going to actually come out in
          person? I can't wait until the murders start happening. Who gets killed?

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        • DagronRat@aol.com
          ... murders to come ... anyway....... ... so i won t ... me........ thanks ... Ok Shiniki... I have enjoyed!!! I bet that s Ran s voice at the end ; ). Can t
          Message 4 of 7 , Jul 30, 2001
            > The Unexpected
            > chapter 3
            > Shiniki: um... here's the 3rd part.... still waiting for the
            murders to come
            > up.... sorry about that..... hope you guys willl enjoy this
            > and, one more thing, i'm going on holiday for about a week or so,
            so i won't
            > be posting in that time.... please be patient and wait for
            me........ thanks
            > ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

            Ok Shiniki...
            I have enjoyed!!! I bet that's Ran's voice at the end ; ). Can't wait
            till you came back, allthough I still wish you some great hols! (I'll
            be going soon too, on the 4th for two weeks :) )
            DagronRat(-getting active)
          • Detectiveconan55@aol.com
            ahah.... when r u goin 2 post the next one??? i need 2 no if that shoutin was ran... poor ran.... o well... anyways... luv ur fic.. and hope u come back
            Message 5 of 7 , Jul 30, 2001
              ahah.... when r u goin' 2 post the next one??? i need 2 no if that shoutin'
              was ran... poor ran.... o well... anyways... luv ur fic.. and hope u come
              back from ur holiday w/ another great chapter... c ya later... ja ne!!! ^-^
            • Shiniki Kudo
              ªZ ¬îµâ-sama, domo arigatou~~~ ^-^ glad you liked it~~ keep reading no da~~~~ and Hakuba-sama will appear soon. i promise. very soon~~ ^-^ and the ones
              Message 6 of 7 , Jul 31, 2001
                �Z ����-sama,

                domo arigatou~~~ ^-^ glad you liked it~~ keep reading no da~~~~ and
                Hakuba-sama will appear soon. i promise. very soon~~ ^-^ and the ones who
                get killed are made up guys.... no one really from the ori.story~~

                Pyro__-sama and everyone else who replied to my story~~

                A HUGE THANK YOU~~~~~ thanks so much for supporting me, and i'm on the 5th
                chapter at the moment, and will continue with it when i'm on holiday ^^
                hopefully could finish most of the story before school starts~~

                and if you are curious why i'm still here when i was suppose to be on my
                great holdiay today..... some accident happened last night and the family
                was delayed...
                i had a massive nose bleed before bed and i kinda went to the hospital for
                help... (it lasted for over 15 mins) but the nurse told me to sit there and
                i waited for another hour before it stopped... then i went to see the nurse
                (if you live in UK, you'll know what i mean) she said it's cos of the
                weather and there's nothing big you can do about it... so i gave up and went
                home when it finally stopped..... ^^;;;;

                ok... gotta go cos i've gotta leave tomorrow ~~~ BYE FOR NOW~~~~ see you
                after the hol~~~

                Kudo Shiniki

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              • 武 秋菊
                Okay, here s chapter 9. I just finished typing it this morning. I hope you guys like it. Since everyone s introducing themselves, I ll take my turn now. I am
                Message 7 of 7 , Aug 1, 2001
                  Okay, here's chapter 9. I just finished typing it this morning. I hope you
                  guys like it. Since everyone's introducing themselves, I'll take my turn
                  now. I am 15 years old, and I live in the United States. I like well,
                  everyone except for Sonoko. That girl is so annoying. Actually, Kogoro and
                  Sonoko are annoying, but very funny. If Kogoro was real, I think either he
                  would have died from all that drinking and smoking, or he would be a very
                  abusive person. Am I the only one that has trouble believing Ran is
                  Kogoro's daughter?
                  Disclaimer: I dont' own Detective Conan or anything related to it.
                  Chapter 9
                  My Worst Enemy
                  Shinichi walked home slowly after seeing Ran at the hospital. He couldn’t
                  believe anyone would do such a thing to Ran. If Ran died… He didn’t want
                  to think about it. Heiji and Kazuha had gone back to the hotel they were
                  staying in, Kogoro had gone back to the Mouri Detective Agency, and Eri had
                  decided to spend the night at the hospital. It was raining, and it seemed
                  as if the sky was crying for Ran, just as her friends and family were
                  worried for her. Why had Ran been shot? She didn’t know anything, and she
                  was so innocent. There was no way Ran could have ever done anything bad
                  enough for someone to want her dead. Shinichi was positive of that. Ran
                  would never hurt anyone, or even anything. A picture of Ran in the hospital
                  appeared in his mind. She really was like an orchid, lovely, ethereal, and
                  fragile. Normally, there was strength in her too, but now all of it was
                  gone, drained away. Ran’s life was so precious; Shinichi didn’t want to
                  think about what would happen if the orchid were killed just as it was
                  beginning to bloom. Anger surged through him as he thought of Ran’s
                  condition. It was so unfair. Ran didn’t deserve this.
                  Raindrops continued to fall from the dark sky, and a bolt of lightning
                  suddenly flashed and lit the sky. In the flash of light, Shinichi was able
                  to see someone lying on the street in front of him, and he hurried over to
                  check on it. A figure was huddled on the street, wet and unconscious.
                  Somehow, he didn’t need any light to know that the figure had red hair.
                  His eyebrows knit together as he frowned. He was tempted to leave Shiho on
                  the street, she was a criminal, but he knew he couldn’t do that. He couldn
                  ’t leave anyone out on the street on a night like this, not even his worst
                  enemy. What she had done to him didn’t matter, he knew he couldn’t stoop
                  that low. He sighed. At least it wasn’t that far to his house.
                  Shiho’s eyes opened. At first, everything speared to be a blur to her,
                  but gradually, she was able to focus. She looked around her, but was unable
                  to figure out where she was. She slowly sat up and pushed the covers away
                  from her; she was on a bed. There was no sign of anyone else in the room.
                  She got off the bed and walked unsteadily to the door. She reached out for
                  the doorknob and was about to turn it when the door was flung open and
                  Shinichi walked into the room as Shiho fell back in surprise. Shinichi
                  walked over to help her up, but Shiho slapped his hand away and used a
                  chair beside her to pull herself up.
                  “ You’re finally up.” Shinichi observed coolly as he moved in front of
                  “ You saved me?” Shiho asked in disbelief. Her eyes burned coldly and
                  she tried not to look at Shinichi.
                  “ You were unconscious on the street. If I hadn’t saved you, you’d
                  still be out in the rain right now.” Shinichi informed her.
                  “ I wish you hadn’t. I don’t want to see you again.” Shiho snapped. “
                  Why did you save me?”
                  “ I couldn’t leave someone out on the streets to die.” Shinichi
                  “ I’m not like you. I don’t care about justice or being honorable. I don
                  ’t care about what’s right or what’s wrong. I just follow my heart.”
                  Shiho told him. “ You’ll regret saving me, you know.”
                  “ Follow your heart?” Shinichi repeated blankly and sarcastically. Then,
                  he started yelling at her furiously. “ You’re insane! What did your black
                  heart tell you to do? Join a criminal organization, make drugs to ruin
                  people’ s lives, kill me? Do you have a heart at all? What’s wrong with
                  you? How can you harm so many people? They’re not objects, they have
                  lives, feelings, you know. You kill them just as easily as shredding a
                  sheet of paper, just ripping it apart! You tell lies just as easily as you
                  breathe! Where is your heart?”
                  “ Fine! You’re right! I’m just a filthy criminal! I don’t have a
                  heart! If I do, it’s black. You don’t care if I’m dead or alive, it doesn
                  ’t matter to you! I like to tell lies, and I love killing people. No
                  matter what I say to you, you shouldn’t believe me. If I get killed by
                  someone, it would serve me right.” Shiho screamed. She didn’t know what
                  he was talking about when he said “ criminal organization”, or “ making
                  drugs”, and he was the only person she’d ever tried to kill. She didn’t
                  care, though; he didn’t have any right to yell at her like this. She couldn
                  ’t believe she’d ever hesitated to kill him, and she wished he were dead,
                  but somehow she knew that even if she had another chance to kill him, she
                  still wouldn’t be able to do it. She sat down weakly on the bed.
                  Shinichi stared at her. He couldn’t believe she was admitting it to him.
                  Then she had been lying to him the entire time. She had never betrayed the
                  Organization; she had always been part of it. She was so loyal to the
                  Organization; she had been willing to take APTX-4869 to find out if he were
                  still alive.
                  “ You really want me dead that much?” he asked hoarsely.
                  “ Yes. I hate you!” Shiho shouted. “ I’m leaving now.”
                  “ Wait. If you want to leave, I won’t try to stop you, but there’s
                  something I have to find out.” Shinichi cried as she walked past him.
                  Shiho ignored him and continued to walk. Shinichi grabbed her wrist and
                  held it tightly. Shiho tried to pull away, but Shinichi’s grip was too
                  tight. “ You sent Ran to the hospital, didn’t you? That red haired girl
                  was you, right?”
                  “ Yes, it was me. Can I go now?” Shiho demanded as she tried to pull
                  away again.
                  “ Thank you. You saved her life. Do you know that?” Shinichi felt all of
                  his hostility towards Shiho vanish when he learned that she had saved Ran’
                  s life. He realized that if she really didn’t have a heart, she wouldn’t
                  have saved Ran. But after what she’d just said, he didn’t really know
                  what to believe.
                  “ You don’t have to thank me. No matter what you believe, I can’t just
                  let a girl I don’t know die on the street.” Shiho said icily. She managed
                  to shake Shinichi’s hand off and calmly walked back out into the rain.
                  “ Did she really lose her memory? Or is she just a great actress?”
                  Shinichi asked himself, wondering why she had been unconscious on the
                  street at all. How could she have lost her memory?
                  “ Wait! Do you know anything about what happened? I mean, why she got
                  shot?” Shinichi inquired.
                  “ No. Ask her when she gets up.” Shiho coolly replied.
                  “ One more thing.” Shinichi told her.
                  “ What is it now?” Shiho wondered impatiently.
                  “ It’s raining awfully hard. Take this umbrella.” Shinichi handed her a
                  black umbrella.
                  “ Thanks.” Shiho said grudgingly as she snatched the umbrella. She
                  opened it and walked away into the darkness.

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