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Prologue, The Dillema :The Trial

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  • Samuel Curtis
    -- Samuel Curtis, Shinichian shinri ha itsumo hitotsu! Detective Conan FanFication The Dillema by Samuel Curtis Prologue: The Trial Mr Umiyama left the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2001
      Samuel Curtis, Shinichian "shinri ha itsumo hitotsu!"
    • Shinichi Holmes
      Nice song Samuel! ^^ You ve caught the element of surprise and suspense not to mention some hidden points in your story! Continue to write on! Shinichi Holmes
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 1, 2001
        Nice song Samuel! ^^ You've caught the element of surprise and
        suspense not to mention some hidden points in your story! Continue to write

        Shinichi Holmes ")
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        > Samuel Curtis, Shinichian "shinri ha itsumo hitotsu!"
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        > Detective Conan FanFication
        > "The Dillema"
        > by Samuel Curtis
        > Prologue: The Trial
        > Mr Umiyama left the racecourse, obviously not very pleased. Of course he's
        > lost on bettings, but this is not the worst. He went into a disgrace by the
        > magazine. They said he declined receiving his son from Canada (was living
        > with his divorced mother), ignored his parents, and having numerous common
        > law "significant others". He was no man of publicity before that, just a
        > civil servant with the high pay of 580000 yens per month. It was a
        > distress, but the problem is that he could argue not. It's not the problem
        > that his position was at the downside, but...
        > Just as he was clearing his thoughts two men, in complete Ku Klux Klan
        > costume but all in black, approached him. And there was silence.
        > The next place Mr Umiyama himself at was complete weird. It was a big
        > room, somewhat like the Chinese yamen he read in his infancy: A large
        > antique rosewood table and the accompanying seat, a board written words
        > "VERITAS SOLUS" above it. In the two sides of the room there were two lines
        > of guards, each holding a sword, eyeing him. The two men who approached him
        > earlier was standing behind him, each holding a iron whip in hand. He was
        > stripped to underwear, tied up at hands and feet.
        > But he was not regressing to the past, however he knew. The building
        > itself was no Chinese style, and there were electric spotlights. The end
        > wall was not decorated by some painting, but coat-of-arms of some kind. The
        > weirdest thing he found was the costumes of the people in this hall. All
        > the guards were wearing the type of costume like that of the two men's, but
        > the colour was different. Their garb was all red but two thin horizontal
        > stripes around their upper arm.
        > Then, suddenly, there came some music through the hall. The song was
        > strange to him: it was low, pretty slow, and resembled some military music.
        > All the costumed men raised up their weapons, did a strange type of salute,
        > and sang:
        > Quest for Love,
        > Quest for Dream,
        > Quest for All Truth!
        > 'Tis the aim we would strive for,
        > secured in our minds!
        > O Look, through tempests
        > it would never change.
        > At the time of distress
        > we would hold the Truth,
        > the Eternal Truth!
        > As they were singing, a person approached the desk from its right. He was
        > wearing a set of blue tuxedos, with a white shirt, a red bowtie, and
        > covered with a blue hood.
        > After the song has calmed down, the "judge" hit his wooden hammer on the
        > table. "Mr Narona Umiyama, do you know you are guilty?" He asked brutally.
        > "What am I guilty for? You say!" The terrified Umiyama showed off his last
        > bit of bravery.
        > "What are you guilty of, you should know best! May I not know the others,
        > but at the very least you were the one who trashed his son to Canada, is
        > you not, Mr. Umiyama?"
        > "What's the wrong with this? I can do anything as I wish in here! This is
        > no North Korea, is it?"
        > "OK, the Law of the Hong Kong SAR of course do not outlaw this, of
        > course", the "judge" added, aggressively, "And we do not mind those who
        > find impossible to guard the child; but we DO mind a man who has 580000 yen
        > per month, with little debt and a flat and a stable job to deny his son.
        > This is the court of Truth and Justice, and even His Majesty the Emperor
        > was none of our masters!"
        > "How dare you!"
        > "HOW DARE YOU to say 'How Dare you' to the Court? Up guards, give him a
        > little punishment!"
        > The two men in black behind Umiyama took up their whips, and have them
        > unleashed on Mr Umiyama's back.
        > There were no comments from Mr Umiyama, if not for the instinct yelling
        > and unsuccessful attempts to escape.
        > "And, I shall say, it would be pure ignorance for me to ignore the other
        > deeds of yours... For example, lying to your parents so that you need not
        > to see them?"
        > "Please... please do not believe what the magazines say..."
        > "I don't want to, but I've seeked permission from your relatives..."
        > Umiyama weeps. "Please, sir..., please forgive me..."
        > "Mr. Umiyama, we regard correcting one's fault as valuable... I would
        > release you to see if you can turn a new leaf. But for the actions you've
        > done, you still deserve some whips..." the "judge" said, "I'll send people
        > to see if you're doing well. IF you're doing bad, I must say, YOU HAVE TO
        > majestic.
        > The black men whipped Umiyama for another two minutes, and he passed out....
        > ....the next place he found himself at was the center of Ginzo, with clothes
        > He went to nearest police ststion.
        > *********************************
        > (I would not be writing this anymore before the 22th... Exams are coming...)
        > (Please, place comments... I need a lot of them...)
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