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Re: [conan] Re: Uncertified Conan on Fox info

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  • Sakura Station
    ... Umster! Fuuster! I don t know. I slightly disagree. Even though I think Rayearth was the worst show CLAMP made, I have to say that it s popularity is
    Message 1 of 24 , Dec 31, 2000
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      I kind of lost track of who wrote what...:
      > > The fact that it's not action packed is what makes
      > Conan not so
      > > popular. I don't oppose CLAMP anyway, but in my
      > opinion Conan is
      > > still way better than watching Hikaru calls
      > Rayearth.

      Umster! Fuuster!
      I don't know. I slightly disagree. Even though I
      think Rayearth was the worst show CLAMP made, I have
      to say that it's popularity is not surprising. I
      think if you look at the pages of the animes made so
      far, many of them are shoujo pages (based on what I
      see on the anipike). Rayeath, CCS, Rayearth, Sailor
      Moon, the list goes on... These types of show just
      seems more popular. Until recently the only male
      related anime on cable was Dragonballz. And then much
      later you have Gundam etc etc.
      I remember asking for Conan and people ask me 99/100
      times whether I meant Conan the Barbarian. -_-
      *restrains a big smacking*

      > Agreed. :P And I guess the fact that it has so many
      > details to pay attention to, and a lack of fan
      > service
      > also has something to do with its unpopularity . . .

      I think the lack of fan service is due to the lack of
      availability on this series. I only found this series
      because my friend sent it to be. It wasn't the sort
      of thing you bump into by chance... My friend's first
      reaction to the series was.. "ewwwww little boy with
      huge ears." *glares at friend*
      Also the fact that there are no fansubs out there
      doesn't help...

      <comments on the turn out of escaflowne>
      I'm not quite sure wheethr the show was for the
      appropriate audience. I think a lot of the viewers
      (who were kids) were just confused with the concepts.
      They skipped over so many parts and there were so many
      complicated things... it made their simplification of
      the show into something too abstract. It's also like
      showing karekano on fox kids. It's not really
      soemthing you can show kids about and get them

      <fox violence>
      Am I the only one who fine it disturbing that they
      don't censor batman, x men, and superman but yet they
      censor Conan? Someone gets their butts kicked in
      those shows every day. Perhaps it's because no one
      seem to die on those shows. I find it ironic that
      american shows can be violent but imports have to be

      - ss

      - Sakura Station
      "nakanaide hitori boku wa soba ni iru"

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