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[conan] FREE LONG DISTANCE + Unlimted Internet Access

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    Hello All, [This is not spam. It complies with the Murkowski Federal Law on Bulk Email. And you either visited one of my websites or joined one of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 1999
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      Hello All,

      [This is not spam. It complies with the Murkowski Federal Law on Bulk Email. And you either visited one of my websites or joined one of my lists.)

      FINALLY - YOU CAN TALK ALL YOU WANT to anyone in the world, for as long as you want, and surf the Internet all you want all day long, for $20/MO. NO MORE LONG DISTANCE BILLS!

      KISS YOUR LONG DISTANCE BILLS GOOD-BYE. We are a new Internet Provider who GIVES our members a software program that allows them to talk to anyone in the world OVER THE INTERNET for FREE. The phone quality is excellent. It is unlimted. ALL you need is an Internet Connection, like ours at both ends. The Phone Calls are done over the Phone - No Computer Necessary.

      SO, what does your present Internet Provider give you? Our service can save you hundreds of dollars per month, thousands per year. Pay off your Home Mortgage with the savings. Businesses save even more.

      AND HERE'S THE BEST PART. This is also a Network Marketing Opportunity. We're looking for a few good distributors who can seize this opportunity to make thousands per month. TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Get in NOW. No other Internet Provider has this service at this price. Others will have it at much higher pricing next year. AND they won't let you participate. WE DO. WE NEED YOU TO HELP UP GROW to become one of the largest Telecommunications Companies in the world.

      This is a truly GroundFloor Opportunity. Anyone can realistically earn between $5,000 and $10,000 within the next 30 to 60 days. MUCH MORE as they grow their downline.

      You cannot find out about this except by calling me. I have to limit this to those of you who can seize the opportunity. My answering service will allow you to leave your Name and Email Address. Talk Slowly and Spell out the Email Address so we do not lose touch with you.

      TO DETERMINE THE DEMAND FOR THIS SERVICE, tally up your Long Distance Bills for the last 12 months. Then realize THIS IS HOW MUCH YOU WILL SAVE with our brand NEW Internet Telephony Product. Don't Wait. Why Pay AT&T, MCI and SPRINT another dime. They've taken Billions from consumers already. The Internet Changes Everything.

      THE BUCK STOPS HERE. If you have a large phone bill and want to save that money, YOU SHOULD CALL TODAY. OR if you simply want to earn a SUBSTANTIAL INCOME simply by recommending this service to others, and you want to save money, YOU MUST CALL TODAY.

      Remember, you MUST CALL me to learn more or to be enrolled. Due to the nature of Email, I need to have you request this OVER THE PHONE. (Email replies, other than removes will be ignored.) However, it could be THE LAST LONG DISTANCE PHONE CALL, you have to pay for AGAIN.

      Call Mike (408) 423-8755 Leave your Email Address and your Name. I will email you back with complete details on how to get started saving and making money.

      Thanks for your time.

      AND IF YOU CALL TODAY, AND you eventually sign up with our service, we will send you $10 worth of Long Distance Calling Card, Free to compensate you for this long distance call, even though it will only cost you a few pennies. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.

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