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Re: [conan] Re: what are your favorite episodes?

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  • dana scully
    i like the episode when ran find out that conan is shinichi. i think she will give him nice kick on the face , twice i hope Irene Gayle Lim
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 1, 2006
      i like the episode when ran find out that conan is shinichi.
      i think she will give him "nice kick on the face" , twice i hope

      Irene Gayle Lim <deathnotex21@...> wrote:
      I like the episode when Hattori found out Conan's real identity! They look cute together! XD

      tresna bulan <dollaholic_2002@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      I forget how much episodes which i like! I like moment when conan return to become shinichi and then shinichi play at drama with ran without ran realize
      retrachu4869 <acarreras1@yahoo. com> wrote:
      --- In conan@yahoogroups. com, marik4faye@. .. wrote:
      > Do you watch the episodes in order, or do you pick random ones? I
      like 76, which introduces Kaitou Kid, 219 (another Kaitou Kid one),
      and the trilogy of 176, 177, and 178, which is, I think, the Gin &
      Sherry case. The third movie and episodes 128 and 425 are also
      really good.
      > ~Luckyladybug
      > "kaymf813" <kaymf813@.. .> wrote:
      > >im looking for some good DC eps to watch on youtube...i reallly
      > >episode 400 so can you please tell me some other good episodes to
      > >watch..
      > >
      > >
      > >

      Well the 188-193, I believe is Ran's play... Dont want to spoil it,
      but its good. The movies of course are a must see... 230 and 231 is
      the bus hijacking and also, I enjoyed 345 which is a great episode.
      Hope that helps. ^^

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