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[Spoilers for CC-only] Kid first mentioned in CC Official Sypnosis!

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  • Samuel Curtis
    He was referred as Phantom Thief, which is appropriate since the name Kid wasn t mentioned until the middle of this episode (or these episodes, since FUNi
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2005
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      He was referred as "Phantom Thief," which is appropriate since the
      name Kid wasn't mentioned until the middle of this episode (or these
      episodes, since FUNi cut it into two.)


      Sypnosis: (http://www1.caseclosed.com/index2_cc.cfm?

      078 - Phantom Thief 1412 Part 1

      When a priceless jewelry exhibit comes to town, so does Phantom
      Thief, a famous burglar who leaves a note announcing his intentions
      to steal the Black Star—the most valuable pearl in the world.
      the police corner Phantom Thief on the top of a building, it looks
      like his amazing career is over until he uses a flash bomb to blind
      his would be captors and make a harrowing escape. All that remains of
      the Phantom is a note announcing his next move: to steal the Black
      Star during an anniversary party on board the Queen Isabelle. The
      impending threat withstanding, the ship sets sail as planned with the
      Black Star on board and an army of police to guard it. But Phantom
      Thief is a genius impersonator and moves about like a chameleon
      adopting the persona of others until the time is right to strike. Can
      this brilliant Thief outwit a sea of police and manage to steal his
      prize? It seems that he may succeed, but with Conan hot on his trail
      has Phantom Thief finally met his equal? Find out on this exciting
      double episode that will keep you guessing until the end.
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