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Re: Does anyone know anything?

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  • kc
    ... for ... like ... etc.? ... know. ... try useing Google search for japan Kaito volumes to tell u the truth I have never heard of Kaito volume what
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2004
      --- In conan@yahoogroups.com, "finn_saotome" <imalt87@h...> wrote:
      > Speaking of Kid, does anyone know where I could buy the first Kaito
      > volumes (in Japanese)? I live in Finland, and I don't own a credit
      > card, so is there any trustworthy internet company or summat through
      > which I could get the books cash on delivery? Or any Conan stuff,
      > that matter. I'm dying to see the Conan movies (all of them) but in
      > Finland manga and anime are so new that, likeĀ… only the first two
      > volumes of Conan have come out (didn't know whether to laugh or cry)
      > and they are fuzzily translated from the German version (which I
      > much better). So all help is needed. I'll be grateful for your help.
      > Your Finn
      > p.s could someone tell me different methods of murder, poisons,
      > I'm writing a story for my friend as a Christmas present, and she
      > asked me to write a story in which she gets murdered. Morbid, I
      > The only problems are that I haven't invented a motive (a revenge
      > perhaps?) and ways of murder. She's a gymnast, if it helps you.
      > Anyway, bye for now.

      <b>try useing Google search for japan Kaito volumes</b> to tell u the
      truth I have never heard of Kaito volume what are they is it another
      way to say Case Closed manga?
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