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Viz's release on Conan manga and all their wrong (or outdated) facts

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  • Samuel Curtis
    (http://www.viz.com/news/newsroom/2004/06_newmanga.php) *CASE CLOSED 192 pages $9.95 Category: ACTION Available August 2004* High-school mystery fan Shin ichi
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2004

      *CASE CLOSED 192 pages $9.95 Category: ACTION Available August 2004*

      High-school mystery fan Shin'ichi Kudo is actually one of his high
      school's best minds, but he gets his reality checks from his childhood
      friend and almost-girlfriend Ran Mori. Nothing can keep Shin'ichi from a
      case until he follows a suspicious man into a park, is accosted from
      behind and fed a strange chemical, which renders him unconscious. When
      he awakens, he has been transformed into a puny grade schooler! The
      hapless boy finds a home with eccentric inventor Professor Agasa, who
      searches for a cure for his condition. While he's waiting to be restored
      to his adolescence, Shin'ichi takes on the name Conan Edogawa (borrowed
      from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the last name of the famous Japanese
      mystery writer Edogawa Ranpo). As Conan, he plays the part of the little
      brother that Ran never had, and helps her incompetent private detective
      father solve all of the murder mysteries that come their way.

      Originally titled DETECTIVE CONAN in Japan, author and artist Gosho
      Moyama made his debut in 1992 with CHOTTO MATTETE (Wait a Minute) which
      won publisher Shogakukan’s prestigious Newcomer’s Award for Comics. Many
      of his follow-up titles have also won the Shogakukan’s yearly manga
      award. The creator notes that his stories are greatly influenced by his
      boyhood love for mystery, adventure, and baseball. CASE CLOSED appeared
      in the pages of Shonen Sunday and one Conan file is still published
      weekly. To date, 44 volumes of the popular mystery series have been
      produced with an astounding 84 million copies sold. An anime television
      series with over 300 episodes and seven feature movies have also
      appeared, all based on the original manga serial.

      Wrong facts:
      "...until he follows a suspicious man..." : Two of them, sorry.
      "...into a park...": He didn't follow them *into* a park. Or, he didn't
      went into Tropical Land because he wanted to follow them.
      "Gosho Moyama": Typo.
      "...made his debut in 1992 with CHOTTO MATTETE...": I think it's 1982.
      "To date, 44 volumes of the popular mystery series..." : 45 of them.
      "...astounding 84 million copies sold.": Now it's over 100 million.
      "...seven feature movies have also appeared..." : 8 of them.
      And it didn't say it's now showing in CN.

      Samuel Curtis, Shinichian and Hirokian. Although I must assert Shinichian superiority.

      Caritas Optimus Veritas
      Love Ideal Truth
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