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Re: [conan] Some Opinions on the pre-Ai Relationships between Shiho and Others

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  • Cherie Ponsuwanna
    Since there s no such a strong evidence to support the idea yet, I don t think there d be love relationship between Shiho and Gin. I remember you ve brought up
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2003
      Since there's no such a strong evidence to support the idea yet, I don't think
      there'd be love relationship between Shiho and Gin. I remember you've brought
      up the topic about the naked Shiho's picture once. And I still confirm my point
      of view that it has nothing to do with the story plot.

      Most theories about love between Shiho and Gin come from the way Gin hunts down
      Shiho. As he never leave his hands from her, many are led to think that he's in
      love with her and can't resist a feeling of losing her. Anyway, I think he's
      just so responsible to his job. He was assigned to kill her and he may feel
      it's his responsibility to find her and give a final shot himself.

      My proposal for the type of relationship between Shiho and Gin is:

      They both work for the syndecate in the different field. Shiho is clearly the
      researcher. Gin is, of course, assassin. And with his position which seems to
      be pretty high, he may also have the power to give an order and carry out the
      direct order from those "big guys." Gin may be assigned to keep his eyes on
      Sherry and check the progress of her work, so that'd be how they've known each
      other. From Shiho's point of view, Gin has a power over her.

      About Shiho-Shuichi's relationship, take one scene from File.434, "Rotten
      Apple," (supposed to be published in vol. 42) a close look. Shuichi said at
      that time he wasn't ready to face Haibara yet. Here, although it seems there
      shouldn't be any relationship between Shiho an Shuichi, this scene has
      suggested that they both might know each other long before. However, this scene
      is not a strong, clear evidence for their relationship. It should not be taken

      All opinions are gladly welcome. ^_^


      > (As always, this is crossposted to [conan] and [only_one_turth] groups.)
      > Been read the theories about Shiho, Gin and Shuichi on the web, most
      > considering Shiho being the lover of either men above.
      > However, I've doubts. How mature Shiho's mind is, the odds of her being
      > in love with a man (persumed) more than 10 years older than her is
      > questionable-- even twisted is her mind, but her instincts would not
      > allow her to do, and given the personalities of Shuichi and Gin-- being
      > kind of hard, cold person-- it's quite impossible for her to like
      > either.
      > What do I propose?
      > Since Shuichi is still being mystical, and his being *against* the Org,
      > he should have no relationships whatever with Shiho. Gin, however, being
      > her supervisor, is very possibly fancied her (and the love rejected by
      > Shiho of course). The picturing of a naked Shiho in Volume 24 suggested
      > that they had sex; it must be against Shiho's will, if she's not raped
      > by Gin. So that's why he knew kim down to the most intimate detail-- in
      > some sense, he's Shiho's stalker...
      > --
      > Samuel Curtis, Shinichian and Hirokian.

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