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At last, the procrastinator wrote something-- Chapter 2 of his fic.

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  • Samuel Curtis
    The Dilemma Chapter 2: The Blue Tuxedo and the Red Bowtie Standard disclaimers apply. [8:25 Class 3B, Teitan High School] The Teitan High, for those who don t
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      The Dilemma

      Chapter 2: The Blue Tuxedo and the Red Bowtie

      Standard disclaimers apply.

      [8:25 Class 3B, Teitan High School]

      The Teitan High, for those who don't know, is for the rich kids. But it
      doesn't mean Class 2B is any different from any other high school

      Even it's close to school time, our teens are still busy chatting with
      one another or rushing (if not copying) to get their homework done. But
      Ran Mouri, Karate champion and the very publicized girlfriend (even she
      didn't accept such a claim) of that "geeky" detective (Even he has been
      Teitan's top footballer, he has been considered such...) Shinichi Kudo's
      boyfriend, was still looking anxoiusly at Shinichi's empty seat.

      *Where had Shinichi just been...*

      He and She always goes to school together, too much as a habit that
      their classmates has dubbed them as a married couple.

      <flashback at 7:52>

      Ran went into the 2B classroom alone. She found nobody at the Kudo's at
      the usual time and she wasn't overly surprised; Shinichi sometime go to
      school early to polish his soccer skills from getting himself rusty,
      even he wasn't a member of Teitan's football team as of the past.
      Anyway, he would join Ran at the soccer field. However, he wasn't found
      at the high school's soccer field. She was now all puzzled.

      The first boy who came to her snickered. "Oh, your husband's just dumped
      you, eh, Mrs Kudo?"

      Ran flushed, was just to deny, "No, Shinichi's not even my boyfriend!"

      Then she just got puzzled, "... and I don't know where he was..."

      And at that point the other boys in 2B snickered at her from their
      seats, thinking at possible reasons of why Shinichi dumped Ran...

      Ran got all blushed and sulked at them.


      She is reasonable to be anxious, if not totally worried. She parted him
      at Tropical Land and saw him just back premanently after a whole year,
      and to the mystery to her, who was the little kid called Conan who was
      living with hers during the time?

      To her mystery, also, is how can he finish Grade 8 courses during his

      On issues with Shinichi, her best friend Sonoko Suzuki cannot be of any

      [8:25 Class 3B, Ehuta High School]

      Kaito Kuroba, the clown, entertainer and magician of the class, also as
      known as Kid the Phantom Thief at night, snickered again on reports of
      his catch on the newspaper... Well, not just snickered, but actually,
      grinned at his full capacity, even he got nothing about the Pandoras at
      this catch again, since it was exceptionally easy... then he stared at
      the page next to it.

      It was about that mysterious beating case that was all over the media
      today, exceptially the tabiolds-- Naroru Umiyama was who they've been
      after these days, and now such an extraordinary thing happened on him?
      It wasn't only the tabiolds that are chasing on this case, legitimate,
      serious papers like the Yomiuri are having full-page coverage on it --
      what's more serious than a bunch human-flogging people who decleared to
      be outside government control?

      *No wonder there are so few cops chasing me last night... And now
      everyone who're of my real threat are playing traunt to join their
      masters, huh?*

      Saguru Hakuba's seat was empty for the day.

      [8:25 MPD]


      Shinichi Kudo was awake all the night, listening to Inspector Megure
      briefing, (well, not briefing to be exact, since Megure actually told
      him everything down to the most intimate details) inspecting photo's of
      Umiyama's wound and that document found on his body, and trying to get
      himself bound to some leads, but of no avail -- there are too few things
      for him to inspect, and photos aren't the best thing to get inspected.

      And the document? Printed on commercially available paper with computer,
      no signatures-- as expected, no criminal would leak themselves to the

      Forsenics can of course take some fibre samples, but it is actually of
      no use if there are no suspects to be talked of -- it seemed a lead
      might be at Umiyama's ex-wife's side, since they has openly sounded
      their with Umiyama's actions since their kid's case happened.

      *The problem is, they might have a motive to flog Umiyama, and why he
      was found in Ginza, the last place to conceal a crime?*

      *Then the document. It is the most intimidating document to the whole of
      Japan, and if what they want is Umiyama, there's no need for them to
      write as a formal piece of this, and clearly need not to make themselves
      a national case, in effect waging a war with the whole of Japan... Maybe
      they it's just a trick to divert the police, but...*

      *The bottom line is that this case must have been organized, not of some
      impulse gone out of control. In most of the probaility, there are

      He was first called by Megure the evening previous.

      <flashback at 6:15pm the previous evening, Kudo's>

      Shinichi was going out in the most formal of his clothes -- blue
      tuxedos and red bowtie that is -- since his parents are coming back from
      the US, and her mother Yukiko, ex-star, always insisted his son to wear
      properly in all cases. Of course he more or less lent a deaf ear on this
      when she was away, but he just cannot predict the consequences when she
      saw he wearing a casual suit at the airport...

      Then the phone rang.

      "Hello Kudo-kun?"


      "I think you know what've happened today Kudo-kun?"

      "Umiyama being flogged?"

      "Yes. We might have a few leads, but now we have a letter too shocking
      for anyone to read; a copy should have now reach the Prime Minister's."

      "Needless to say... see you later!"


      And so the last fourteen and one-sixth hours he was at the side of his
      respected pal Inspector Megure -- not nearly as bright police officer
      than personalities like Shiratori of course, but Megure is simply a good
      man to work with, without too much hassle to follow.



      Needless to say, Megure, being the second only to Sergrent Matsumoto in
      the First Team of Criminal Investigations in the Tokyo Metropolitan
      Police Department, is inheritently toi have many phone calls. But this
      phone call in different. The special time frame considered. Shinichi
      could not guess too much from what Megure said, but he saw Megure got a
      sudden relief. This is nothing of normalcy, given all the tension over
      the Umiyama case. Anyway, he thought, it wouyld probably be up to
      National Security Levels!

      *It's gotta be good.*

      After Megure put down the phone, just before Shinichi went on asking,
      he proclaimed, "Our Mr. Naroru Umiyama is now considered awake by the
      hospital. Are you going?"

      "Of course, Megure-keibu!"

      "It's the best thing we need-- at least at this stage you need to haave
      the access to all materials-- in any rate, I trust you more than that
      son of the Superintendents's..."

      "You mean Hakuba Saguru-san's here?"

      "The bigwigs decided this is a national security case and needed to be
      solved in a few days... even Saguru-kun's not really our men-- he's
      rather with Nakamori's Team 2 dealing with the Kid but had dealt with
      some of our cases sometimes."

      "Well, I've..."

      "We gotta go now. I will ask Takagi-kun to go with us."

      [Half an hour later, in the hospital lobby.]

      Megure, Shinichi and Takagi appeared at the front desk, and Megure
      showed the receptionist his identification.

      "So you are Inspector Jyuzo Megure from the MPD? I will call Dr.Onto
      down right now." the recptionist replied politly.

      "Dr.Onto, Megure-keibu?" Shinichi asked.

      "Yes, Shinichi-kun. The doctor who phoned me a while ago and actually
      he was with me checking out with Mr. Umiyama yesterday."


      And Dr. Onto came out from the lift.

      "Welcome again Inspector Megure." he greeted.

      "Same here. So how's the condition of our witness now?"

      "As I've said, he regained consciousness but..."

      "But what?"

      "He became very hysterical, and clearly thought everyone else is going
      to hurt him and actuaally we have to move him to his own ward and gave
      him shots of sedatives to clam him down a bit."

      "Which is not very surprising, since he DID have trauma..."

      "I think it won't any suitable to ask for his testinomy now. However,
      looking into his room through the glass and see how he was now is still
      allowed. I will send you the psychologist's report later this week."

      "Anyway, bring us to him then.'

      "I will lead you."

      [5 minutes later, outside Umiyama's room]

      "Mr. Umiyama's now residing here. As I've said, he's still too unstable
      emotionally to accept any interviews..." Dr Onto told the trio from the

      "Dr. Onto, did he always like that since he regained consciousness,
      hiding at one end of the bed and shivering?" Shinichi asked the doctor.

      "He is...?"

      "I think you should have known him already; high school detective
      Shinichi Kudo-kun. I brought him to help us investigating this case."
      Megure answered.

      "Welcome Kudo-kun..."

      Just as Dr. Onto is going to shake hands with Shinichi, our patient
      changed his face from fear to fury, then he rose up astern, rushing
      towards the door of the ward, shouting "Reverge!" all over the way, as
      if his physical injury has all gone to sky high. Umiyama has always been
      strongly built, and the two attending nurses were no match to him, and
      were both thrown off on the floor in one hand.

      He banged the door open, and went up grabbing Shinichi's shoulders...

      "Reverge you judge! Regerge!" and raised his fist towards Shinichi...

      [End of Chapter 2]

      Author's note: I'm not really into creative writing (I like more factual
      essays), and I'm so much of a procrastinator... I can't blame anything
      or anyone about writing a chapter per year.

      Just by reviewing my plot with that of Noah's Ark in Movie 6, I thought
      I was partly similar to its/his thought... (No, NOT exactly the same...)

      Comments are always welcome.

      Samuel Curtis, Shinichian and Hirokian.

      Samuel Curtis, Shinichian and Hirokian. Although I must assert
      Shinichian superiority.

      Caritas Optimus Veritas
      Love Ideal Truth
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