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[conan] Re: love stories

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  • Marsha Siagian
    Love, ummm... It s the most basical and natural thing, and for me, every manga has it (including Tekken Chinmi)! So... we ll see lots of love-based murders in
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 6, 1999
      Love, ummm...
      It's the most basical and natural thing, and for me, every manga has it
      (including Tekken Chinmi)! So... we'll see lots of love-based murders in
      Conan, hopefully not the tragical ones... ~^__^~

      The most romantic case? When Conan and Heiji work together in Osaka (Vol
      19), both their girlfriends appear and although Kazuha is a tough girl, she
      cries when Heiji gets shot ^^ Ran also get very curious with her "little
      bro" Conan get shot...

      The most tragic one? You may think that I'm a professional nut (crazy), but
      for me Kogoro and Eri wave their stories from their separation and Eri's
      unconfident way of making decision (whether she has to get divorced with
      Kogoro, gets back with him or keep the condition like what happens now
      [status quo])

      OK, another 33 mails to go...

      PS: I'm tired, tired, tired, tired... ~.~

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      >Hey guys,
      > Did you ever realize that there are lots of love stories on Conan
      >book? I mean there are love stories between Ran and Shinichi, Heiji and
      >Kazuha, and even little Ayumi with Conan, not to mention that Ai might
      >fall in love with him too.(What is it between human and love?)
      > As I see Conan's cases, there are lots of murder based on love
      >problems too. Some of them even end up really tragic. I think the most
      >tragic one is 'The Murder Karaoke Case' I can't imagine how Mary must
      >have felt, knowing that she had killed Tatsuya, the one person who
      >truly loves her for what she is. She got nothing by killing him but a
      >deep hurt inside her heart. isn't that really tragic?
      > Well, tell me what you think is the most tragic case. I would love
      >to hear it from you.
      > V.
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