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Re: Need Translator and others for Conan fansub

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  • green_boy35
    Thanks for the detail comment, Lobato ... conan? ... manga. ... out ... cheap ... do ... a ... be ... the ... The ... I ... anime ... to ... subs
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 30, 2002
      Thanks for the detail comment, Lobato
      --- In conan@y..., "Lobato" <remj3@h...> wrote:
      > > Lobato, are u the one who did most of 1-50, 57 and 58 of det.
      > Yes. But to be fair, I didn't do episodes 1-15 since those were
      > already subbed. I also only subbed the episodes based off the
      > > I know dctp has been subbing it, but since the first 4 eps come
      > > quickly, they haven't release more than 1 ep per month(just
      > released ep 6 a couple of weeks ago).
      > Yeah, given the length of the series, it's gonna take a long time
      > before they release any considerable amount. The good thing about
      > them is that their subs are based off of laserdisc.
      > > I can either start from ep1 or ep 128-9(important ep after 75-76
      > > where haibara shows up in the story).
      > I've already actually subbed 128-9. I subbed the manga-based
      > episodes 16 (The Antique Collector Murder Case) through 82 (the
      > second episode where TWO MIX gets kidnapped). After that, I subbed
      > 121-122 (The Sealed Bathroom Murder Case) and 128-9 (Haibara Ai).
      > Granted, the video quality of my subs aren't great since I have
      > equipment. The reason I stopped was that I heard HK DVDs now cover
      > earlier episodes, not just the later ones.
      > I already have the raw, but i
      > > am just looking for people who can translate and people who can
      > > encoding, timing, and typesetting.
      > So basically, you need people for everything! :) I think it's still
      > good idea to contact DTCP and collaborate with them. There might
      > people willing to help.
      > > After 129, i might skip to 176-8, then 188-193....
      > > probably, i can do the movies too...
      > I'm not a big fan of skipping episodes. The reason I only did the
      > manga episodes was that I felt they were written much better than
      > original "filler" episodes. Also, since I'm only one person, it
      > would've taken *forever* to get to the Kaito Kid episode! ^_^;;
      > reason I skipped from 82 to 121 was that 121 was the very first
      > episode I had ever subbed so I figured I might as well release it.
      > also had already done considerable work on 129 so I figured I might
      > as well release 128-9.
      > If you skip from 129 to 176, I think you might be missing some
      > episodes that are interesting and/or important to the story like:
      > 130-1 Detective Sato's appearance, more info about Ai
      > 132-4 Kaito Kid's second appearance
      > 144-5 Shinichi's parents
      > etc., etc.
      > And the good thing about these episodes is that they're all on DVD
      > now.
      > > If you know about typesetting , please me what software fansub
      > group uses to typeset their anime.
      > I'm not sure what typesetting is. Maybe you're talking about text
      > effects like text moving around on the screen. I think some of the
      > expensive adobe software can do this, If you look at the subs of
      > newer groups, many of them use nice text effects. I don't watch
      > but I have downloaded some stuff to see how the subs are. I have
      > admit that some subs are *great* these days. In particular, the
      > in Azumanga Daioh are awesome for the most part. You might want to
      > download the first episode and see how good it is...
      > (^_^)/
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