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After All Chapter 3

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  • Aichan
    Ok, I m officially with a writing rush this week. Here is chapter 3!! Enjoy and feel free to tell me your oppinion ^__^
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2002
      Ok, I'm officially with a writing rush this week. Here is chapter 3!! Enjoy and
      feel free to tell me your oppinion ^__^

      CHapter 3: Time for explanations

      An hour later, the four teenagers found themselves at the amazing hotel restaurant,
      having a much needed dinner after all the day's events.
      "So", Heiji finally began the conversation "will you tell us what happened? We expected
      you to be all silent, not talking to each other at all, and see what we have! You weren't
      like this yesterday, for what you told me!" And it really was what he thought. He remember
      Shinichi's call the day before. Well, Conan's call.
      "Then, it's all over now?" Heiji told him.
      "Yeah. Ai has the final version of the antidote. All I have to do is wait for her to come
      here and take the damn pill." Shinichi answered with a sad voice.
      "Huh, you don't sound all that happy"
      "Ran... already knows"
      "I see." Heiji could now imagine why his friend was like that.
      "And where is she? Won't she be with you when you change back?"
      "She left two hours ago, and hasn't returned yet. She'll probably come at night time, to
      sleep, and head home tomorrow morning" Conan's childish voice seemed now to have deepened.
      "Hey, but you told you'd be coming tomorrow!"
      "I know. I'll try to convince her,but if I don't I'll have to come alone"
      "If you say so... well, Kazuha and I will be waiting for you two, ok? Tell that to Ran",
      Heiji told him.
      "Ok, I'll try. Oh, Ai's here. Wish me luck, ok? You'll see the results of the antidote
      tomorrow" Conan answered, voice somewhat happier."See ya!!"
      "Till tomorrow, then! And don't come alone!!"
      "I'll try my best. Bye!!"
      "Well, you can see all is ok now. But, you know, it was really difficult to convince her
      to come here!" Shinichi said. At that, Ran blushed madly. "I'm really exhausted, because..."
      "You don't have to explain THAT!!!!!" Ran effectively cut him, as he nearly fell off the
      chairwhen she pushed him with her elbow.
      Heiji grinned evily at that. "Hey, that wasn't nice at all, neechan!! We want to hear the
      complete story" Kazuha had a similar expression on her face, as she helped Shinichi back to
      his seat.
      "No way!! Mature readers only" With that, everyone soon understood and stopped questioning
      her. A couple of minutes later, she finally returned to the conversation. "But yes, we're
      getting married."
      At that, the Osaka pair looked at Shinichi, who had a very funny smile (Kazuha couldn't tell
      if it was sheepish or more like shy), and then looked at each other. Then looked back and the
      now official couple.
      Their faces slowly began to change into a dreamy expression. Kazuha nearly had stars in her
      eyes, or so Shinichi thought. Heiji was much like the same.
      "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!" They both screamed finally. The whole restaurant knew by then, and
      Shinichi and Ran thought seriously of hiding down the table. But of course, Heiji and Kazuha
      wouldn't stop just then.
      "Are we invited?"
      "Of course we are, Ran-chan's our friend!!"
      "Don't think so high of yourself!!"
      "I don't!!"
      "You do!!"
      "No way!!!"
      Ran couldn't stand it anymore. "Oh, that's enough!!! Stop you two!!!" Of course, they stopped.
      You don't want to have an Angry Ran (R) near you, that you don't.
      Some more minutes of silence.
      And some more...
      Kazuha finally decided to speak. "But, Kudô-kun, aren't you supposed to give her a ring?"
      It was Shinichi's time to blush now. "Um, well, you see... it was decided in kind of a rush,
      "Oh, I get it. Mature readers only." Heiji guessed. The couple turned bright red, so he
      supposed he was right (he was always right!).
      "Well, I think it's time to go into more serious matters. The antidote is final, isn't it?"
      Kazuha asked, effectively changing the way the conversation was heading to.
      Shinichi's smile turned into a completely happy and sincere one now. "Yes. It's final. I hope
      you won't miss Conan, now" (Shinichi Smile (R) here).
      "I don't know, Conan-kun was so cute!" Ran said. Of course, Ran's smile had been there all the
      time; but now, she couldn't say she didn't miss her Conan-kun. But thinking that she had
      Shinichi in return made it much more better. "But he had to 'meet his parents in America', so
      he had to say goodbye to us and to his friends. But he'll be alright now, won't he?" And she
      faced Shinichi.
      "Of course, it was the best for him to leave." He went on with the metaphore. "Now, it will all
      turn out fine".
      "And what of that Haibara girl?" Heiji asked.
      "Ai decided not to take the antidote." Surprisingly, it was Ran who said that. "She said she
      preferred to stay like that and pay for her crimes."
      Shinichi continued "As for her state, she won't go to jail. The government decided that she
      could be free if she continued investigating for them, this time medical matters."Then he turned
      to Ran "did she tell you anything more?"
      "No, the last time I spoke to her was yesterday evening. I'll meet her as soon as we go back to
      "I see... well, she'll be ok" he concluded.Heiji and Kazuha were satisfied with that.
      "Hey, I don't know about you, but I really need a shower. And it's kinda late, so I suggest we
      go to our rooms and continue tomorrow, what do you say?"
      "Heiji, you really are boring, you know that?"You guessed, Kazuha was the one who talked now.
      "But Kazuha-chan, I think all of us are tired by now..."
      "Ummmm... ok, I admit it" She said, smiling.
      Shinichi finished the conversation. "Well, let's go have some rest then". That said, all of them
      got up and headed to their rooms.


      "Ran-chan, you really are fast having showers!"
      Ran laughed at that "Same for you", she continued, "I didn't feel like taking a bath and only
      took a shower, so I didn't stay long"
      Only half an hour had passed since they left the restaurant, and both girls were already in the
      hotel's yukatas, nice and clean, and sitting on their beds (who says girls take a lot of time
      in the bathroom?). Ran continued speaking, this time with a VERY evil smile on her face.
      "Kazuha-chan, I think it's now time for YOUR confession, don't you think so? AND don't lie to me."
      Kazuha really feared Ran when she had that smile on. "W-What are you talking about, Ran-chan?"
      she asked, a false smile on her frightened face.
      "Who hurt you?"
      "Hurt?" Kazuha, being her, hadn't thought about that exaclty.
      "Yes, your bruises"
      "Oh. Well, it was while Heiji and I were setting a trap to some men from the organisation. We
      had to make them follow us, so we rode in Heiji's bike to the warehouse where the police should
      be. Just when we got there, Heiji suddenly turned left, and I fell off the bike" Seeing Ran's
      face at that, she calmed her down. "But he was going very slow! I only got some bruises, and
      they don't even hurt! I don't know why all of you were so worried, I'm fine. Even Kudô-kun felt
      guiltly for involving us in the organisation's plans, but we did because we wanted to! So don't
      worry, ok?"
      "But Kazuha-chan..."
      "It's nothing, really", she assured Ran.
      "Well, two people convinced, only one left!!" Kazuha said, a triumphant look on her face.
      Now, Ran didn't expect that. "One left? What do you mean?" She asked, feeling curious.
      "Um, you know... it was bad enough that you and Kudô-kun worried for that stupid thing, but
      Heiji is also feeling bad for it!! Sometimes I want to hit him for being so foolish, really!!"
      "But you didn't talk to him later?" Ran asked, really curious by now.
      "Well... he's been kind of avoiding me since then, that ahô. I mean, talking to me seriously.
      As if it was the first time I fell off his bike!! I can't stand him when he feels guiltly for
      something really stupid."
      'I understand now', Ran thought to herself. 'They really are the same. This needs the final
      push-up!!' Kazuha wondered why Ran's lips moved without her talking, and began to feel really
      "Kazuha-chan!!!!" Ran said suddenly. Kazuha nearly fell off the bed at that.
      "Your current situation needs drastic measures!!! So this is what we're going to do" Kazuha
      was more and more scared as Ran spoke. Whatever she was talking about, it wasn't good!!
      She nearly fainted when she heard what Ran said next.
      "Tonight you're sleeping with Heiji, and it's final!!"
      "No Ran-chan. I'm going to see Shinichi and tell him that he'll be changing places with you"
      Even if she said anything, Ran wouldn't have heard her, for she was already heading to the
      boys' room.
      'How can she do that to me!!??' was Kazuha's first thought.She tried to go after her, but,
      strangely, her body was paralyzed with fear, and wouldn't obey. 'But it maybe would be the
      best', she continued. 'Ran probably wants to be with Kudô-kun, now that he finally came back,
      and... well, I do have to talk with Heiji someday. But sleeping in the same room!? No way!!
      Is Ran crazy?? But now that I think of it, it wouldn't be the first time... but we were kids
      back then!! It's not the same!!' And she went on and on with her thoughts, trying to decide
      on wether to kill Ran or not, and how was she supposed to sleep with a boy... no wait, a man!!
      And she was a woman, for God's sake!! Only couples sleep in the same room!! At that, she
      blushed madly. Then she heard the door open and Ran's voice.
      "Kazuha-chan, I'm here!"
      She came into the room with a smiling Shinichi holding her hand, his things on his other hand. He
      was also dressed with the hotel's yukata, and Kazuha supposed he had already taken his bath."Hey,
      our room is bigger than this one! It should have been Heiji the one changing rooms."
      "But you said he just went into the bath, and I didn't want to disturb him." Ran answered as she
      went to put Shinichi's things in the bathroom. She didn't notice him following her, and was
      surprised when he hugged her from behind and tenderly kissed her shoulder.
      "Talking about baths, do you feel like taking another one now?" He whispered to her ear.
      Kazuha was startled to see such an intimate scene, Shinichi holding Ran from behind, kissing her
      and asking her something she couldn't hear, but could tell what it could be from Ran's blush.
      Feeling out of place, she quickly packed her things said goodnight to the still hugging couple.
      "Sleep well, you sweetbirds!!" She told them.
      Another blush came to her face when Shinichi told her exactly the same, a wide grin on his face.

      When she entered what would be her new room, she could see steam coming out from the bathroom.
      Apparently, both men took their time in the bath. She began to put her clothes in place while
      she waited for Heiji to come out of the bathroom to tell him the 'news'. Shen she finished, she
      sat on the bed and turned on the tv. The volume was too high. Now, where was the control for it?
      Ten minutes after, the same channel still on (she didn't feel like moving), Kazuha was beggining
      to feel bored. 'Is he never coming out?', she thought. Apparently not. Well then, she was also
      tired. Deciding not to wait anymore, she began to unfold the sheets, and was already with her
      legs in the bed when the tv suddenly turned off. She looked at the alley to find Heiji with the
      TV control in his hand, and, a blush on her face, only a towel on his waist. He apparently hadn't
      seen her yet, for he began to talk, eyes on the black screen.
      "Oi, Kudô, with this on I can't relax!" And he began walking to the bed, still not looking at her.
      When he arrived there, not having received an answer from 'him', Heiji looked up and froze in his
      place. Finally, the other person in his room said something.

      Haha, now begins the real thing!!! Tell me if you enjoyed it, if you hated it, or whatever!!
      And stand for the next chapter!!
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