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[fanfic] After All chapter 2: Some nice talks

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  • aichan_es
    Hi again!! Another chapter up, kinda soon ^__^. And I know, it s kinda huppy waffy fluffy ^^U Also, no H/K yet, but be patient ^__^ First of all, thank you
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2002
      Hi again!! Another chapter up, kinda soon ^__^. And I know, it's
      kinda huppy waffy fluffy ^^U Also, no H/K yet, but be patient ^__^

      First of all, thank you very much for the nice reviews!! I really
      wasn't expecting them, but I'm glad you liked my story!! And also
      for the advice you gave me ^__^ Don't worry for all the questions you
      may have, they'll be answered in the right moment (but feel free to
      make them though ^__^)
      And as for the grammar errors, please feel free to correct me when
      you see a mistake, English is not my first language, and I really
      want to improve it.

      Well, enough said for now, let's go into action!!


      Chapter 2: Some nice talks

      That same evening, after flying to Okinawa and taking a taxi to their
      final destination, the four teenagers, with their respective bags
      full of summer clothes, found themselves looking at the Manza Beach
      Hotel entrance.

      "Wow, Kudô!! You really did it this time!!" Said Heiji, eyes still
      looking at the nine-storie building in front of them.

      "Yeah…" Kazuha was quite speechless. She expected no less from Kudô
      Shinichi, but certainly not that much! She would really enjoy this
      vacation, she told to herself.

      And they would have beeen looking at the building for all the
      evening, hadn't Shinichi told them to move on. "Hey, do you want to
      sleep outside or what? We have to check in, so let's have a look at
      the hotel later." At that, they finally took their bags and went into
      the building, curious about how the rooms would be like. Even Ran
      didn't know that, so she only walked on beside Shinichi, wanting to
      know what he had for them.

      As soon as they got in, a nice receptionist, who smiled and gave them
      a warm welcome, greeted them.

      "Good evening, and welcome to Manza Beach Hotel! Did you make a
      reservation?" She asked, permanent smile always on her face.

      "Good evening. Yes, I have two reservations for Kudô*" Shinichi told

      "Kudô? Sure. Just wait a minute, please" She said while typing at the
      reception computer. "Here it is. Rooms 923 and 925, am I correct?"
      She smiled at him, already knowing why he had explicitly asked for
      those rooms.

      Shinichi smiled back at her. "That's it, thank you very much". He
      picked up the cardkeys of the said rooms, and turned to the
      others. "So, how about we go to the rooms and unpack? The bags feel
      quite heavy, and I really am tired"

      Ran's face saddened a little when he said that. `He really needs the
      rest now…' At that moment, Shinichi turned to look at her, and seeing
      her face, tapped her head.

      Smiling, he told her "Don't worry, I'm fine. It's over now". At that,
      Ran could only smile back. But then, she could feel some
      uncomfortable glances at her. Knowing where they came from (namely
      her dear Osaka friends, who were now smiling evilly to themselves),
      she picked up her bag. "Ok, let's go!!".


      "Shinichi, you didn't tell me we'd be staying in THESE rooms!!"

      Ran's exclamation was justified. Shinichi, being who he is, had to
      pick the hotel suites. They were nearly as big as her own house! Of
      course, Shinichi only put on his already famous Shinichi Smile ®.

      "And what did you expect, a lousy double room on the third floor? If
      I say vacation, it's really vacation!! We have a whole week for us in
      these rooms, and we're going to enjoy it!"

      "Oh, I suppose I can't complain then" Ran said. And she turned to
      Kazuha "Ne, Kazuha-chan, let's go unpack and put on our swimsuits!
      The pbeach looks great from here, don't you think so?"

      "Yeah, let's go!! Um, see you in the pool, ok?" Kazuha told Shinichi
      and Heiji. When the two girls left to their room, Heiji couldn't wait

      "So, it finally ended, didn't it?"

      "Yeah… finally" Shinichi answered. "And I still didn't get to thank
      you and Tôyama. Really, I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for you"

      At that, Heiji smiled. "Come on, the Osaka branch of the organisation
      wasn't that strong after all. Once you finally took care of the Tôkyô
      branch, it all came down quite easily"

      "Well, as long as we're allright, I suppose I can't complain". He
      stopped for a second, his face turning serious. "Is Kazuha really ok?"

      "Yeah, don't worry about her. It seems Ran had told her about her
      suspicions, because when I told her she wasn't that surprised, and
      she really wanted to help. She understood why you had to hide your
      true identity, so she's not angry."

      "I'm happy to hear that." Shinichi smiled.

      And, what about that Haibara girl? She didn't want to come here with
      us?" Heiji asked, curious about her.

      "Well, she said she would be busy these days, with the drug
      investigation still going on. And she said a little girl wouldn't fit
      with four teenagers"

      "So she stayed small after all?" He still asked, although he figured
      what the answer would be.

      Shinchi sadly smiled. "Yeah. She said it would be her way of paying
      for all the deaths she caused. I suppose it really is the best for

      "If she says so…" Heiji finally said, and began changing into his
      swimsuit. "Hey, wanna bet what the girls will wear? I say brown
      bikini for Kazuha and… red and white for Ran!"

      "Ha, you failed this time. Ran's is black and white"

      Heiji facefaulted at that. "Oh? And how are you so sure about that?"

      "Mainly because it's the one she put in her bag this morning"
      Shinichi grinned. A thud could be heard as Heiji dropped his clothes.

      "I should have known. You finally did it!!!"


      "Uuaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm so happy for you, Ran-chan!!!!!!!!"
      Kazuha's cry could be head from the third floor. She was really
      enjoying their talk, now.

      "Kazuha-chan! The rest of the people here aren't interested in our
      talk, you know?" Ran was madly blushing at the glances she received
      from other tourists. "Yes, we're together now. Enough?".

      Of course, it WASN'T enough for Kazuha. "No way! I want details. You
      already kissed?"

      It was certainly Ran's Blushing Day. "Y-Yeah…" And she blushed even
      more, which made Kazuha even more curious.


      "Well, and…"




      "Come on, Ran-chan!!"

      "Well, we… you know… this and that and…"

      Kazuha nearly drowned when she finally realized what her friend was
      trying to say. "Oh."


      "You really don't want to be in the same room?" As the were heading
      to the beach, Heiji asked for the hundreth time, The Teasing Look not
      leaving his face. Shinichi was kinda tired by then.

      "Well, you know I'd love to, but I only asked for two rooms, so you
      can guess who will have to sleep together then" Shinichi returned the
      teasing. As hoped, Heiji shut his mouth, and didn't open it until
      they met the girls.

      "Heh!! I knew it, Brown bikini!!

      "Of course you would know, wouldn't you?" Now, he realized, would be
      Shinichi's turn to tease him to no end.

      From the water, Ran greeted them "Hey, come here! The water is really

      "You see? Black and white bikini, I told you" Shinichi told Heiji,
      with, you guessed, his Shinichi Smile ® Then he turned to Ran "Hey,
      the water is really nice, you know"

      "Hm, you didn't believe me? Of course it is, water is warmer in the
      evening" She replied, without a really angry face though. Until she
      was splashed. "Hey!!!!"

      Heiji and Kazuha could only sigh at the drowning game the couple had
      begun to play.


      "Should we leave them alone?"

      Ran managed to get her head out of the water "No… *glub* wait *glub*
      a moment!!" (Take glubs as Shinichi making her drink some nice salty

      "Oh crap" Kazuha finally said.

      Well, that's all for now (I'm not home and have little time left, so
      I'll send this as a chapter and maybe make it a bit longer later
      ^__^). Hope you all liked it!!

      Of course, c&c appreciated ^__^ always trying to improve!!

      And please, tell me of any grammar mistakes, I'll feel really happy
      to correct them
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