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9080Re: [conan] Food and Conan charcters

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  • Cherie Ponsuwanna
    Feb 2, 2002
      > Shinichi-Conan
      > Lemon Pie (Vol 17 first love case, Ep.100 and 101)
      > Iced tea (possibly) (Vol. 16 Two-mix case, watch what he ordered when he
      > was in the restaurant with Minami.)

      Or it might because it was the cheapest in menu since Minami already paid lots
      for what the Detective Boys ate! (Just Genta is enough. ^_~)

      > Hamburger steak (Vol. 14. Shinichi-Conan got cleared of his identify
      > threat [thanks Yukiko], Ran said she would make hamburger steak that
      > night as a form of apology.)

      Well, I'm not sure about this. From what I can conclude from many mangas,
      Hamburger is one of the kids' favorite dishes. And beef is pretty expensive
      that many consider it as dish for special occasion. Hamburger for dinner might
      be a good choice in her opinion to show her apology for Conan.

      > Genta
      > Eei with rice (what is its name in Japanese?)(Various, the first being
      > in Vol.4 treasure hunt case, also in movies)

      Say, Kogoro drinks a lot. Does he have his own favorite drink?


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