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8759RE: [conan] Re: Kid, Kaito Kuroba, Magic Kaito, etc.

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  • jessica
    Jan 4, 2002
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      > From: Shinichi Holmes [holmes86@...]
      > > jessica wrote:
      > > I agree with Kumatenshi; Magic Kaito was one of Aoyama's first series,
      > > and he hadn't made it big yet when he started writing it. Later on,
      > > when he and his characters had become successful, he might have
      > > decided to give the readers what they wanted by writing more and
      > > more Kid into Conan, even if it meant invalidating some of his
      > > previous continuity.
      > Yup, that's a very logical reasoning. Which kinda explains why
      > Magic Kaitou was only published until Book 3... sheez... I gues
      > Aoyama kinda ran out of wonderful ideas, huh?

      I think he was probably (and still is, apparently) too busy to
      work on Magic Kaito . . . it's never come out regularly, and it
      seems like more of a side project to his main series (Yaiba, then
      Conan). Maybe all of his better ideas went into his weekly
      series? ^^; It's probably a good thing for him that it's come
      out so irregularly, though, because too much work leads to burnout.

      > > So I believe that thinking of Conan and Magic Kaito as different
      > > timelines cuts down on some of the confusion, though it may not
      > > necessarily do away with it completely. ;)
      > But this still doesn't explain why the story of the Black Star contradicts
      > with the Detective Conan Special Edition.

      I think my theory still explains the contradiction between ep 76 and
      ep 219, but only for the manga. Originally, that clock tower story
      in ep 219 was a Magic Kaito story in the manga (2 chapters, released
      in Shounen Sunday in 1999), but ep 76 (vol 16 file 6-9; released in
      1997) was a case in Conan from the start. So as far as the manga
      goes, the two stories are still unrelated, and according to my theory,
      would still be in different continuities. The anime crew seems to have
      no care for keeping continuity (as demonstrated here, and in many
      other cases), so they placed the MK story into the Conan anime unchanged.

      But in a nutshell, I think the timeline in Conan is just impossible
      to logically explain. ^^;; Just look at the passage of the seasons,
      and how everyone is in the same grade they were at the beginning of
      the series . . . One can't explain continuity in the anime, and it's
      almost as hard to explain it in the manga. And I don't think we
      the readers are expected to try to explain it, either . . . though
      it is fun to try. ^_~

      --jessica, thinking of this old chestnut again...
      apple at nethere dot com
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