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8748Re: [conan] Re: Kid, Kaito Kuroba, Magic Kaito, etc.

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  • Shinichi Holmes
    Jan 3, 2002
      > But did Aoyama ever say that Magic Kaito and Meitantei Conan were in
      > the same universe? I don't believe he ever has, and if he hasn't said
      > so, I'm not sure we should automatically assume that both series take
      > place in the same universe just because some characters cross over
      > into either one. There are too many discrepancies for both series
      > to be part of the same timeline/universe, so I think it makes much
      > more sense to take each one on its own merits and think of them as
      > being independent series that happen to share similar elements.

      Well, I don't think Aoyama has ever declared Magic Kaito and Meitantei Conan
      being in the same Universe... the appearance of Kid is just like a little
      crossover to make the plot interesting, in my humble opinion. And I'd
      totally agree with you that they own their individualities.(is there such a

      > I agree with Kumatenshi; Magic Kaito was one of Aoyama's first series,
      > and he hadn't made it big yet when he started writing it. Later on,
      > when he and his characters had become successful, he might have
      > decided to give the readers what they wanted by writing more and
      > more Kid into Conan, even if it meant invalidating some of his
      > previous continuity.

      Yup, that's a very logical reasoning. Which kinda explains why Magic Kaitou
      was only published until Book 3... sheez... I gues Aoyama kinda ran out of
      wonderful ideas, huh?

      > And I find it much more palatable to think of MK and MC as being
      > different continuities . . . MK is basically a gag comic, with each
      > chapter being a self-contained mini-adventure, while Conan has a
      > much more mature and serious tone, not to mention an intricate,
      > overarching plot. Conan may have some fantastical elements, but
      > MK has far sillier things that wouldn't fly (or would at least
      > appear out of place) in a series more realistic or sober.

      Imagine someone disappearing out of thin air or rather get blown up, landing
      himself into hospital, all of which without revealing his secret identity.
      Way too fantastic, isn't it?

      > So I believe that thinking of Conan and Magic Kaito as different
      > timelines cuts down on some of the confusion, though it may not
      > necessarily do away with it completely. ;)

      But this still doesn't explain why the story of the Black Star contradicts
      with the Detective Conan Special Edition. You see, both of them are
      Meitantei Conan shows, but both of are different... I'll repeat this again
      then, and try to make it less confusing. In the Special Edition (Shinichi VS
      Kid), Shinichi was trying to nab Kid at the clock tower and blah... In the
      story of the Black Star(where Kid tried to steal the Black Star from the
      Suzuki), Conan didn't seemed to know Kid at all, since he was eager to meet
      him. And from the way he had tried to analyse Kid, it goes further to show
      that he hasn't met him before. Which comes to the question of why they are
      contradicting each other(the two plots.) Hope I don't make it sound too
      confusing. ^^ll

      > --jessica, who thinks Magic Kaito, manga Conan, and anime Conan
      > are three separate timelines, because thinking of them as one
      > makes her head hurt...and let's not even go into Yaiba. ;O
      > apple at nethere dot com
      > http://tbns.net/jubilee47

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