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8732Re: [conan] Kid, Kaito... (Going OT ^^

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  • Summon Illusion
    Jan 2, 2002
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      Let's see, first off, I'm male, although I'm mistaken
      a lot for a girl, sometimes in real life as well,
      funny isn't it?

      Let's see...my music background?
      Played...7 years guitar total now although I've been
      kinda lingering for a while now due to stress
      Piano...5 years now, although again same thing.
      Composed for about...started midi around 8 months ago
      and I'm learning the wonderful world of plugins and
      pitchshifting FINALLY, so mp3s! ^^
      Improvisation...since I've started, all my teachers
      have said I'm like exceptionally "talented" at soloing
      on a chord progression, I suppose that representation
      is shown within my speed of advancement in my
      I suppose I should list this as part of the experience
      since it is...
      First, you must understand that I am a believer of
      many things, I am religious but I have no religion...
      My compositions were attached to one person. I suppose
      that is because he could divine many people's talents,
      tell the difference between experience-based and
      talen-based offerings...

      --- Eon Strife <eon_strife@...> wrote:
      > --- Summon Illusion <kiw5@...> wrote: > They
      > cut it? Why?
      > >
      > I dunno.
      > But, today in the 2nd part, they called him as
      > "Mysterious Thief KAIDE". Kaide = Kid ???
      > > Well, let's see, Magic Kaito is the name of his
      > > series, Kid the Thief is a simple translation of
      > > Kaito
      > > Kid, and Kuroba is his real name. Does that clean
      > > things up?
      > > By the way, are you male or female?
      > Thanks for clearing up.
      > I heard that Magic Kaito series is about finding
      > Kuraba's father murderer, and now we have Hakuba
      > also
      > from Magic series, it will be nice if Conan can help
      > Kuraba in finding his father's murderer. And, does
      > Hakuba know Conan's real identity ?
      > I'm male, and how about you?
      > (BTW, I can play piano a little, I had studied it
      > for
      > 4 years (out of 12 years), then stopped for some
      > reasons. I studied the classic style. How about you
      > ?
      > What's your music background ? )
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