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8688Re: [conan] Kid, Kaito Kuraba, Magic Kaito, etc.

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  • Cherie Ponsuwanna
    Jan 1, 2002
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      > I wonder, what's difference between Kid the Thief,
      > Magic Kaito, Kaito Kuraba, etc. (and other terms
      > related with Kid)

      Kaitou Kid, or as translated into Kid the Thief
      (Kaitou = Thief), is what we and everyone call him.

      Kaito KUROBA - His real identity. His name "Kaito" is
      meant to match the word "Kaitou." Noted that "Kuro" in
      his surname means black, and later in the series he
      got the rival detective with word "white" in his name.
      Interesting way to name the character, ne?
      Aoyama-sensei? ^_^

      Magic Kaito - The name of his own series.

      In conclusion, Conan would call this mysterious theif
      "Kaitou Kid" because he doesn't know that this guy's
      real identity is Kaito KUROBA, but he wouldn't call
      him "Magic Kaito." It is only us the fan who would.


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