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736[conan] Re: RSVP: The Cutiest person.....

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  • Cherie Ponsuwanna
    Jun 14, 1999
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      > Well, do you think there`s a diffeence between
      > beautiful and cute?
      Of course! IMP, cute means beautiful heart. You'll feel free when the
      cute one with you. But beautiful means perfect appearance. Absolutly

      > The way I see it, Ran is beautiful, and so is Ai
      > Haibara. They`re not cute, but beautiful.
      I think so, but not at all. Ran is beautiful, as much as cute.

      > Shinichi is handsome. But I think the cutest one is
      > Conan.
      Yup. Conan is cute. (Will he mad when I told him he's voted for the
      cutest person? :D)

      > By the way, altough Ai is very beautiful, but her
      > character annoys me. She`s so arogant and selfish.
      > Anyone think so too ?
      Her pics which I've seen show that.. I think we shouldn't say she's
      selfish. Work with guys in black is not easy. She realize she could be
      destroyed anytime she makes mistake. So she better learn how to
      survive, also learn to be selfish.

      May I going out of point? Thanks. Do you remember Erika asked us to cut
      previous messages? It makes mail too long. (See this subject. I've cut
      it all out.. It's reeeaaally long) It'll save all of us time!

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