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6857Re: [conan] Please check my site

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  • 武 秋菊
    Aug 1, 2001
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      Okay, I got to your site. I think it's good, but it really lacks something
      original that makes it your site. You need something that's different and
      no one else has, I think. Otherwise,it's great!

      >From: "Mr Joe Get" <mr_joe_get@...>
      >Reply-To: conan@yahoogroups.com
      >To: <conan@yahoogroups.com>
      >Subject: [conan] Please check my site
      >Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 09:07:02 +0900
      >Hi, this is not a spam, I just made a Conan site and still improving the
      >content, I am asking you all to please go to my site and tell me what
      >and shouldn't be there. Any suggestion and comment is ok, please send your
      >comments and suggestion to mr_joe_get@...
      >Here's the address : http://ranhaibara.topcities.com/index.html or you can
      >use http://clix.to/conan it's not really done yet, about 80%.
      >The download section still doesn't work and some pictures (not the
      >don't show up.
      >Thanks for the attention.
      >Do You Yahoo!?
      >Get your free @... address at http://mail.yahoo.com

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