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  • Victor S.
    May 17, 2001
      >From: "Mafioso Misterioso" <bbeq@...>
      > > And then, this is not a mistake in this title only, I've got
      >another DVD
      > > with the same problems... but I would not complain with this very
      > > price... Hmm, wonder if these are legal copies...
      >They might be original copies, but it is certainly not one from the
      >top end range... -__- (I wish my Chinese friends at school can also
      >improve their oral communication skills ::sigh::)

      But it is not normal to see original DVDs at this price... below even the
      half price of the same Japanese ones.

      > > Who got his jaw violently dropped to the ground when he recieved
      >VISA's bank
      > > statment for the month of April... $400! when did I buy that
      >much... sigh!
      > >
      >Hmmm... how old are you? If over 18 and you're already working (and
      >earning *lots* of money), ...well, be wise with your money. If the
      >VISA card is a supplementary card....... my my my (you must be
      >a 'rich brat' kind of boy) ::sigh:: My sister has a shopping appetite
      >similar to that one.

      22 years and no I'm still a junior student at university... man, the Visa I
      got is a 'student' one with a dept limit of $500... and I'm not rich (wish I
      was).. I will be paying that for the following 3 or 4 months.. and that
      means no purchases affordable.. In a month I've spent more than the amount I
      spent last year.. Now, what did I buy with that much?

      - Victor S.
      Wish he had not gotten a Visa at all
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