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5918Re: [conan] movies on video

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  • jessica
    May 15, 2001
      > From: "Victor S." <Anime_21st@...>
      > Well, in Arabic there is none.. maybe Venus would do the first movie soon.
      > There were rumors they are doing it but nothing is here. As for the English
      > there are movies one and two (subtitled) and the fansub group my friend
      > knows will release the first season TV show soon (they are working up to the
      > fourth season).

      Wow, there's a fansub group doing that much? Do you know who they are?

      Also . . . while looking for Garasu no kutsu (love that show!) VCDs,
      I found a store that carries Chinese-made DVDs of the 3rd & 4th
      movies English subtitled, US$23 each, all region. At least, it says
      they are. ^^;; Has anyone seen these and is able to report on the
      quality of the translation? < http://www.videocd2000.com/dvdanime.htm >
      They also carry Ayatsuri Sakon, which I've been looking for all over . . .
      sigh . . .

      > Just buy the raw Japanese ones.. I don't know that much Japanese but I
      > really enjoyed movies 2, 3 & 4 even without subtitles... heh heh.. "Anata
      > dare?.. Dracula-san?" <- which movie? ^_^

      Fufu. ^o^ "Baaro . . . itsuka tsukamaete yaru ni . . . kimaten daro!" (Go Conan!)

      I just rent them, because Japanese DVDs are usually way out of my
      price range . . . I'd like to buy Chinese VCDs that have the Japanese
      soundtrack on them, but they're also too expensive for me. ._. Not to
      mention I don't know anything of their quality . . .

      jiwbil at nethere dot com
      ICQ# 94647725
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