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5434Re: [conan] off topic thingy

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  • Samuel Curtis-MMC
    Apr 1, 2001
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      Mindy Chen wrote:

      > Where are you from,

      Hong Kong

      > how old are you


      > and what got you hooked on conan?

      I can't even tell myself now...

      Samuel Curtis, Shinichian

      Caritas Optimus Veritas
      Love Ideal Truth

      In light of recent developments of mangas published in Hong Kong, Preventive
      Measure Class 4 (Total Prohibition) would be imposed on the manga "Real" by
      INOUE Takahito, of Law of Undesriable Words and Extraordinary Sasperian Law,
      with immediate effect.

      Samuel Curtis, according to the agreement reached in the 12th Millerine
      (This gave all of you a good hint, ah?)
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