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5217Re: you know what i think? Dr. Araide is a nerd!

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  • Mafioso Misterioso
    Mar 11, 2001
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      > Hmph. That's a stereotype. =P

      Looks can be deceiving. Don't judge a book by its cover.

      (Yesterday I went to Moomba with not-so-usual clothes with my
      fellowship friends - I usually wear my school uniform since the
      service starts at 5PM in Friday - and some of the newer guys thought
      I was 19 or so. I'm still 16!! *screams*)

      > I think his character design was made that particular way
      > so as to ensure the maximum possibility of Conan getting
      > jealous about him and Ran. ^^;; He appears to be intelligent,
      > handsome, young . . . he's even from a rich family and on
      > his way to becoming a doctor. ^^ The kind of guy that
      > mothers would want their daughters married off to . . .
      > Even Kogorou expressed that opinion, albeit jokingly. ^^;;;
      > So I think that's the archetype he fits, rather than being a
      > nerd. I've never seen him as nerdy, though he might be
      > kind of a snob . . . Of course, Conan can be snobbish, too. ;p

      Yeah, I really think Araide of the kind of person who's an all-
      rounder. His first name, Tomoaki, reminds me of someone =*__*= It's a
      normal reaction that Kogorou has when he mentions the possibility of
      Ran loving/marrying Araide... in his mind, it's possible. It makes
      Conan jealous, since he really thinks Ran wouldn't be able to fall in
      love with someone else but him. That possibility makes Conan goes
      frantic in thoughts... especially that Araide is the kind of
      heartwarming person. His attempt to rescue Conan increases my
      interests in him. And it also recalls my mom's words into my
      head... "Marsha, go marry an optometrist!"

      > Does Ran even like who? ^^;; Of course she likes Shin'ichi.
      > I don't know where people get the idea of Dr. Araide being
      > in love with Ran, or vice versa . . . It was all in Conan's head.
      > For all we know, he could already have a girlfriend (or
      > boyfriend). And for all we know, he could be in love with
      > Ran. My point is, we just don't have enough information
      > about that to make anything more than speculation . . . he's
      > only appeared in vols 24, 26, & 29, hasn't he? Unless there
      > have been any recent developments with him, that is. ;o

      That is only a jealousy in Conan's head, that's for sure. Ran is
      surely attached to Shinichi the way he's attached to her. Of course,
      jealousy arises when someone sees his beloved someone getting close
      with a member of her opposite sex, especially when the person is
      highly attractive to everyone (as what Jessica said, attractive to
      mothers... ^~^;;)

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