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5206Re: [conan] Re: you know what i think? Dr. Araide is a nerd!

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  • jessica
    Mar 10, 2001
      > From: <pheebz_gu@...>
      > sorry sorry for the nerd thing it was a mistake

      Nothing to apologize about, everyone has their opinions. ^^

      > but what do you mean only appeared in volume 24 26 & 29? see what i
      > mean!i hate australia! i only saw him in a manga scan online

      Yep, he only made an appearance in the 2nd case in vol. 24
      (anime ep. name, "A blind spot in the midst of darkness"), the
      1st case in vol. 26 ("The desperate revival"), and vol. 29. (the
      busjack one; "The enigmatic passenger"). And he's mentioned
      in the arcade murder case in vol. 27 ("The snare of the battle
      game"). Other than that, I can't think of any other places he's
      popped up in.

      Do you read any languages other than English? Depending
      on what they are, there may be translations in those languages,
      and there may be online stores with those translations, if there
      aren't any of their bookstores in your area . . .

      > sorry to everyone i offended

      Oh, I don't think you should worry about that. Opinions are
      opinions; nothing to get offended over.

      --jessica, who wants to translate that vol. 24 case once she
      gets finished with the oosaka serial murders case ^^;; if no
      one else wants to, that is...
      jiwbil at nethere dot com
      ICQ# 94647725
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