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5201Re: [conan] you know what i think? Dr. Araide is a nerd!

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  • Samuel Curtis-MMC
    Mar 10, 2001
      jessica wrote:

      > > From: <pheebz_gu@...>
      > > really i mean look at him! the glasses, the hair, it's like
      > > screaming "i'm a nerd!"
      > Hmph. That's a stereotype. =P

      Stereotyping is a kind of discrimination, in my opinion.

      > I think his character design was made that particular way
      > so as to ensure the maximum possibility of Conan getting
      > jealous about him and Ran. ^^;; He appears to be intelligent,
      > handsome, young . . . he's even from a rich family and on
      > his way to becoming a doctor. ^^

      Except the last point, than, he's pretty similar to Shinichi, though Shinichi
      would be thought as less handsome than Araide by some...

      > The kind of guy that mothers would want their daughters married off to . .
      > .
      > Even Kogorou expressed that opinion, albeit jokingly. ^^;;;

      It's a hard job for Ran to persuade Eri to marry with Shinichi...check

      > > okay i might be saying this cause i really like shinichi as a
      > > character but it's kind of truth you know! and does ran like actually
      > > even like him? i mean get a life she doesn't love him so why don't he
      > > wake up?

      He's talking on Araide. He thought he should give up.

      > Does Ran even like who? ^^;; Of course she likes Shin'ichi.
      > I don't know where people get the idea of Dr. Araide being
      > in love with Ran, or vice versa . . . It was all in Conan's head.

      No factual evidence for "Araide in love with Ran". You know, jealousy can get
      the most objective person to be subjective...

      > For all we know, he could already have a girlfriend (or
      > boyfriend). And for all we know, he could be in love with
      > Ran. My point is, we just don't have enough information
      > about that to make anything more than speculation . . . he's
      > only appeared in vols 24, 26, & 29, hasn't he? Unless there
      > have been any recent developments with him, that is. ;o

      I really wasn't sure if Aoyama wants to develop his line

      > --jessica, who got a Phouvieng Vathalisak album, yey! ^o^

      Samuel Curtis, Shinichian

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