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5200Re: [conan] you know what i think? Dr. Araide is a nerd!

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  • jessica
    Mar 10, 2001
      > From: <pheebz_gu@...>
      > really i mean look at him! the glasses, the hair, it's like
      > screaming "i'm a nerd!"

      Hmph. That's a stereotype. =P

      I think his character design was made that particular way
      so as to ensure the maximum possibility of Conan getting
      jealous about him and Ran. ^^;; He appears to be intelligent,
      handsome, young . . . he's even from a rich family and on
      his way to becoming a doctor. ^^ The kind of guy that
      mothers would want their daughters married off to . . .
      Even Kogorou expressed that opinion, albeit jokingly. ^^;;;
      So I think that's the archetype he fits, rather than being a
      nerd. I've never seen him as nerdy, though he might be
      kind of a snob . . . Of course, Conan can be snobbish, too. ;p

      When I first saw him, I really didn't like him. Not that he did
      anything particularly offensive, but he just rubbed me the
      wrong way. I think Conan's dislike of him was partially
      transferred to me. ^^;;; But he was very brave in the
      busjacking case in vol. 29, and my respect for him really
      increased. So now I like him, and . . . I even plan fanfic
      with him . . . ;o~~

      > okay i might be saying this cause i really like shinichi as a
      > character but it's kind of truth you know! and does ran like actually
      > even like him? i mean get a life she doesn't love him so why don't he
      > wake up?

      Does Ran even like who? ^^;; Of course she likes Shin'ichi.
      I don't know where people get the idea of Dr. Araide being
      in love with Ran, or vice versa . . . It was all in Conan's head.
      For all we know, he could already have a girlfriend (or
      boyfriend). And for all we know, he could be in love with
      Ran. My point is, we just don't have enough information
      about that to make anything more than speculation . . . he's
      only appeared in vols 24, 26, & 29, hasn't he? Unless there
      have been any recent developments with him, that is. ;o

      --jessica, who got a Phouvieng Vathalisak album, yey! ^o^
      jiwbil at nethere dot com
      ICQ# 94647725
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