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3234Re: [conan] Number 26

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  • Patricia Huang
    May 1 6:06 AM
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      (Gasp) Wow! You people in Japan are so lucky!! Here in Taiwan, we are only
      up to #25!! So lucky!!

      >Heh heh heh, volume 27 is out in Japan ^_^
      > >Well, I'm still a bit blank of what's going on in here (I'm
      > >inactive for a month!! wow!!!).... so I'd like to ask some things:
      > >1. Is there any serious discussions happening recently?
      > >2. Any new things in the Internet- pages, updates?
      > >3. How is number 26 going in Japan- I still haven't got my copies
      > >from
      > >my friend and Daimaru -__-...
      > >4. I'm having some trouble opening my Hotmail account from school, so
      > >probably I'll switch on reading by eGroups's page for a time.
      > >
      > >And, the rest of my life is filled with CATs, SACs, assignments,
      > >tests..... (no wonder my grades are a bit awful this term) I just
      > >can't find a time where I can have some time to sit back and enjoy
      > >reading Conan.
      > >
      > >Marsha
      > >(who wants to get back to grade 10)

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