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3078[conan] A Comment to Erica-Sasami's Fansub, Some Extra Character Info I've deduced and A Topic for Discussion

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  • Samuel Curtis
    Apr 1, 2000
      Yes, I do support Erica doing her own version of Fansub -- I would not
      doubt the quality of fansubs done by a seasoned Conanian, and I fear
      Fox's version would cause some misunderstanding; Asian stations tend to
      be "loyal" to the original version, but I do doubt if the Americans
      would do it right, as in a commerical station like Fox. But I shall warn
      Erica to use words carefully as this would undoubtfully pose an image
      for the character concrened. For example, I would see Shinichi as a
      (often) refined person, and I wouldn't very happy if I found you
      portrayed him as Garrett the Second (for this noun, ask Cherie for
      explantion; she should know what I mean.).

      The character info I've deduced:

      1. Eri should be paying the living expenses of Ran before Conan came.
      The evidence: If Sonoko (Daughter of a zaibatsu) and Shinichi (Son
      of a successful novel writer; I bet Yusaku must be rather rich) are
      in Teitan Middle School, it's easy to guess it's a private,
      expensive one (as like public schools in Britain). You know Kogoro
      have been earning very little since he divorced (his agency lacked
      customers), the tuition should be paid by Eri... Also, as I said
      Kogoro's agency lacked customers, the Mouris should have very
      little money, but they didn't strave... if Eri didn't give any
      money to Ran, how could the Moruris in that shape! (Of course now
      Kogoro is pretty rich, as in Esp. 126 (The Dark Organization's
      Billion-Yen Robbery), Kogoro's bank book has been filled so he
      attemped to ask Akeme to change his book.)
      2. It seems that Genta would also be a flirter when he grown up. In
      Esp. 127 (The Girl from the Dark Organization) when the DBs are
      seaching for the boy's brother in a game centre, Genta seemed to be
      attracted to a H-Game console.

      The topic to be discussed: If you were a student in Teitan's 1B class,
      what would you feel of Conan as a classmate? Don't forget you should be
      thinking like a six-year-old!


      "Quest for Love, Quest for Dream, Quest for All Truth!!"
      T'is the aim we would strive for, secured in our minds!
      O look, through tempests it would never change;
      At the time of distress we would hold the truth,
      the Eternal Truth!
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