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201[conan] Re: newbie alert!

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  • Sukey
    Feb 9, 1999
      At 01:13 AM 2/9/99 PST, you wrote:
      >oh how how, if you decided to help me, there would be a new Conan
      >homepage in the list (I mean:....... --> you know it lah :P)
      >do you know another conan homepage after sasami's? Whether you know it
      >or not, please write me back immediately.

      Well, there are several Spanish and Chinese pages, which I've never been
      to, since I don't know either language, and I'm sure there are quite a few
      Japanese pages, but I haven't ever found them...
      <Denise visit's Yahoo! Japan>
      Hey, I found a mailing list...^_^
      hmm....Conan O'Brian? <snicker>
      Conan Doyle...funny that they call him just "Conan Doyle," I've always
      called him "Arthur Conan Doyle"....
      Found a chat room...found "The Conan Channel" (really!)

      Well, I'd better check this out some other time...I'm supposed to be doing
      my homework right now. ^_^;;

      (now considering joining the Japanese Conan list...wish I knew more

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