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195[conan] Re: newbie alert!

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  • Sukey
    Feb 8, 1999
      At 12:17 AM 2/8/99 PST, you wrote:
      >thnx Sukey....for the newbie alert....it's really looooooong since i
      >write anything here...thnx for waking me up. anyway, just a little
      >question around...what other site is there for conan? any other site?

      As far as I know, there's Sasami's page, and there's the home for this
      list. (Although I'm thinking of putting one together myself...)

      >ps. sukey...welcome....

      Thanks. ^_^

      n for the sake of curiosity...r u japanese?
      <chuckles> Wow, you know how to flatter a girl. ^_^ Nope, I'm a ninensei.
      ^_^ (Second year student) I'm planning on going to Japan this summer, and
      there's going to be a Conan movie in theaters...! (and it looks like
      Heiji's in it ^_^) I'm sooooooo happy. ^________^

      (not obsessed, not obsessed, not obsessed, not obsessed....)

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