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193[conan] newbie alert!

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  • Sukey
    Feb 7, 1999
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      I've been hanging around this list for awhile, but it's been pretty quiet,
      so I figured I'd introduce myself, just so there'd be a little posting.

      I've been interested in anime for a couple years now, and fairly recently,
      stumbled across Conan by accident. My roommate bought one of the SonMay
      single collections, and "Nazo" was one of the songs. Well, I fell in love
      with Komatsu Miho (I have one album and four singles now ^_^) and became
      determined to see the show. To make a long story short, I'm now totally
      obsessed, have almost all the manga, and snatch up any tv episodes I can
      find, subbed or not. (Conan anime, other than the first 3 volumes, is NOT
      easy to come by in the US.) I'm very happy that it looks like Anime West
      will be able to release a subtitle of the first movie soon, as I haven't
      even seen it. ;_; (I considered buying the LD even, but LD's are a precious
      commodity for a poor college student...-_- ...on the other hand, if the
      first movie is as good as the second one, it would be worth buying...I
      watched it 3 times in the first week I got it...^_^;;)

      Other stuff I'm interested in...I like reading manga in general, probably
      more than anime. (I've always been a bookworm...^_^;;) Favorites are
      Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni Kenshin, Akazukin Chacha (of course, Conan, need I
      even say it?) ...and a lot of other shoujo stuff, like Marmalade Boy,
      Hime-chan no Ribbon, Card Captor Sakura, etc, etc. I also really like
      Pocket Monsters (the Japanese version, I don't care for dubs very much) and
      a couple other random American shows like Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire

      Well, I've babbled on long enough...yoroshiku onegaishimasu!! ^_^

      (aka Sukey, Miko no Miko, etc. ^_^;;)

      PS ...to Fanny-san, the only other person to post in the last two weeks or
      so...if you're looking for a list of Conan songs, try here:


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