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13904Re: [conan] Re: Hi conan lovers

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  • Zoya Marie
    Oct 10, 2007
      Thx... I really appreciate your e-mail+information

      Stephanie Xiong <xiongs90@...> wrote:
      Hi. I'm Stephanie. You can go to check http://conan. wagnergrp. com/ . I heard that the end of Detective Conan episode will be ready but not appear yet. Gosha Aoyama will try do his best and won't betray the hopes of fans. Oh excuse me, I am from the United States of America. Part of it, I live in Georgia, a state. That's all I have to say. ^^

      ran ling <ling_lang88@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      leehomura <leehomura@yahoo. com> wrote:
      --- In conan@yahoogroups. com, "zoya_marie" <zoya_marie@ ...> wrote:
      > HI, i'm Zoya I'm from Indonesia, I'm 15 and i'm new here, i wish to
      > get many information 'bout conan, be my friend plisss... tell me 'bout
      > lots of conan's stuff. The latest Conan's indonesian series was
      > episode48. Anyone knows what episode will be the end of conan. THX...
      > Best regards,
      > Zoya

      hi , i'm flame well i don't think that will be conan last episode ,
      because in malaysia n japan(i think )is all realy at ep45?
      hi, i am Ran.i osoduno the last episode.r u saying bout the comic?
      if yes, is nw oledi volume 59 in chinese at malaysia o. the new movie is Jolly roger... i 4get the name liao/hehe.that' s all i noe.

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