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13901Re: [conan] Re: Hi conan lovers

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  • ran ling
    Oct 9, 2007
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      leehomura <leehomura@...> wrote:
      --- In conan@yahoogroups. com, "zoya_marie" <zoya_marie@ ...> wrote:
      > HI, i'm Zoya I'm from Indonesia, I'm 15 and i'm new here, i wish to
      > get many information 'bout conan, be my friend plisss... tell me 'bout
      > lots of conan's stuff. The latest Conan's indonesian series was
      > episode48. Anyone knows what episode will be the end of conan. THX...
      > Best regards,
      > Zoya

      hi , i'm flame well i don't think that will be conan last episode ,
      because in malaysia n japan(i think )is all realy at ep45?
      hi, i am Ran.i osoduno the last episode.r u saying bout the comic?
      if yes, is nw oledi volume 59 in chinese at malaysia o. the new movie is Jolly roger... i 4get the name liao/hehe.that's all i noe.

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