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12571Re: [conan] Me gusta el grupo, lastima que no se escribir muy bien en ingles

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  • W.M. Chichiri
    Dec 2, 2005
      I would like to make a request of the entire group,
      and keep in mind I am not a moderator of this list.

      BUT, as the primary language of this list is English,
      can we make sure to provide English translations. It's
      one thing for someone who may not speak English well
      to post in their language, but if someone replies on
      list I know I'd appreciate it if 1) they traqnslate
      what was said followed by 2) their answer both in that
      other language with an English translation as well.

      That's at least what I was trying to do earlier. As a
      mailing list is to allow everyone to enjoy and
      participate, and having a bunch of messages back and
      forth in another language without a translation is
      just rude to everyone else.

      That being said, what has YET to be translated:

      > El idioma no es problema lo que quieras solo dilo y
      yo te
      > ayudo a traducir, yo también soy de habla hispana, y
      > no tengo problemas con el inglés así que lo que se
      > te ofrezca o quieras traducir me avisas

      The rough translation:

      The language isn't a problem I'll help you translate.
      I also speak spanish, and I do not have problems with
      English. Just let me know what you want to say and
      I'll translate.

      > yo puedo ayudar tambien si quieres.

      translation: I can help also, if you want.

      ~Wandering Mage Chichiri

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