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12422Re: [conan] Re: An alarming note hinting that Case Closed would be a bit kiddified

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  • W.M. Chichiri
    Apr 21, 2005
      --- Melissa Candrasaputra
      <melissa_candrasaputra@...> wrote:
      > I think they can make it bilingual using bilingual
      > system that is used by many films/ tv programs. We
      > can choose to listen to the original language or to
      > the dubbed version. I think that's the best and
      > fairest way for all...

      All of the FUNimation Case Closed DVD's are available
      in dual language. Meaning you can choose to either
      listen to the original Japanese dialogue, the English
      dub, and to watch (or not watch) subtitles with it.

      And they usually do have two separate subtitle tracks.
      One is for the English dub script, the other is for
      the most direct translation from the Japanese

      And returning to the original concern of this
      thread... I don't believe that FUNimation writes copy
      for all of the individual companies who make
      merchandise for the company. So that copy may very
      well have been written by another company.

      ~Wandering Mage Chichiri

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