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12419Re: [conan] Re: An alarming note hinting that Case Closed would be a bit kiddified

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  • ris im
    Apr 17, 2005
      actually, i dont really find it hard reading subtitles so its no problem for me... (maybe im just used to it though...) but anyway, id rather listen to the original voices (and names and storyline) than have the ease of listening to the dubbed version. i mean, so many facts are changed! and i really put a lot of importance in knowing the original version.
      about being unfair to blind people... um... yeah, i guess it is unfair but... do you know blind people who watch tv? more so, anime? not that im telling them not to watch it... its just for curiosity's sake=P
      but still, im in for the subtitles:P

      v1cky84 <p1k14@...> wrote:

      no offense to anybody...but i never really minded reading
      subtitles...just like what cecil said, the originality is preserved
      and voices do make a difference...dubbing and remaking movies or
      anime is usually not as good as the originals...
      for your info., i don't understand japanese so i have always had to
      read subtitles...
      it might be unfair for those who are blind, but they don't have
      alter the original anime...or even changing the names???
      just because americans can't pronounce the name correctly???
      no offense...i'm living in US right now although i don't really
      agree with what the entertainment industry is doing to asian movies
      and animes right now.
      sorry everyone if i'm rude...but i have a really strong opinion
      about this kind of stuff...every person is entitled to their own

      --- In conan@yahoogroups.com, "jnisham" <jnisham@y...> wrote:
      > ---In conan@yahoogroups.com, "jnisham" wrote:
      > >
      > >ya it's true that anime may be kiddified and this may be extream
      > >what about blind people that don't speak the original language.
      > >may just be me but I get sick of reading subtitles.

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