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12415Re: [conan] An alarming note hinting that Case Closed would be a bit kiddified

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  • W.M. Chichiri
    Apr 7, 2005
      --- Samuel Curtis <conanchristie@...> wrote:
      > Hw was misled. No change for Gin and Vodka.

      Actually I had heard that their names were changed in
      VIz's manga. I can say however that in the anime that
      Gin & Vodka kept their names. But I'm not sure since I
      haven't been collecting the manga so far, I'm trying
      to finish up some other series first.

      But in the States there is strict censorship when it
      comes to kids and alcohol. Even in advertisement
      cannot be within so many feet of a school, that
      "cartoon" characters/mascots can't be used by
      companies as part of their ad campaign...

      I'm not sure specifically how it affects things, but
      there would be enough parents if not the government
      throwing a snit if they had alcohol referenced names
      in a "kids show." Animation in the U.S. still has that
      concept "oh it's for kids" and only a few series are
      beginning to break away from this narrow-minded
      notion. It's going to take a while to filter down.

      I always thought when I first heard the series had
      been picked up that if the names of Gin & Vodka had to
      be changed that something like Jack & Daniel would
      work. At least it's a normal innocous name... BUT
      there's still the alcoholic reference :P

      But name changes aren't as simple as we think
      sometimes, it often times does with legal reasons
      (copyright, censorship laws and regulations, etc), and
      what the parent companies wants. Sometiems you ahve
      Japanese companies dictating to the companies over
      here *WHAT* they want the name to be. Several industry
      reps have mentioned this trough the years at various
      panels at anime conventions.

      ~Wandering Mage Chichiri

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