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12407Re: [conan] Re: An alarming note hinting that Case Closed would be a bit kiddified

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  • cecil
    Apr 7, 2005
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      yeah.. i really agree with u..
      not that i m okay with reading subtitles all the time
      sometimes i got tired reading them too, and missing
      whats on the screen caues u have to concentrate
      but preserving the original animes esp the voices
      would be really appreciated..
      i dont know about u guys but if i watch a dubbed
      version and an original version, i can really feel the
      that dubbing company needs to do a lot better..
      i always feel like i m hearing the same voices in any
      anime i watch..
      they really changed the voice and of course the image
      of the characters.. for eg. dragon ball's son goku or
      CCS's sakura..
      to me sakura sounds like an over 20 years old gal..

      well.. maybe its just me..

      --- v1cky84 <p1k14@...> wrote:

      > not only do US adapt Anime, but the also remake
      > those famous korean,
      > hongkong and japanese movies...don't know if you
      > guys have heard of
      > it but US keep buying the copyrights for asian
      > movies at such a
      > cheap amount of $$ and remake them...why can't they
      > just show the
      > original movies or animes without dubbing it or
      > changing the names
      > or remaking it????don't understand what's so hard
      > about reading
      > subtitles???pissing me off a lot of times...
      > what do you guys think?

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