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12406Re: [conan] An alarming note hinting that Case Closed would be a bit kiddified

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  • Samuel Curtis
    Apr 7, 2005
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      Hw was misled. No change for Gin and Vodka.

      cecil wrote:

      >what?? they changed Gin and Vodka names??? into what..
      >sorry, but i really have no connection at all to case
      >closed series.
      >i mean, why do they have to change their names?
      >their names were like the best names (code names)
      >i love the way Gin sounds, and it really matches his
      >image and his 'cold'ness..
      >i can even feel myself shivering when i heard that
      >name plus his cold blooded image.. hahaha the
      >gin is so coooooooooool.. i love his character!!!
      >banzaaaii *\^0^/*
      >ups.. sorry got carried out.. *^o^*
      >tee hee..

      Samuel Curtis, Shinichian and Hirokian. "shinri ha itsumo hitotsu!"

      "Veritas and Sapienta"--"Truth and Wisdom"
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