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119146th Movie Script Writer Dead, Suspicion On High...

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  • Elizabeth L. Knight
    Jul 1, 2004
      According to the investigation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police
      Department Himonya station, same day in the afternoon, the bell of
      the room where the wife who is visited has the office was pushed,
      but there is no response, calling the key trader and opening the
      door when it enters into the interior you say that you found Nozawa
      who, has died.

      @From the result and the like of research, it is seen from 27 day
      nighttime as 28 day early dawn that you die.

      @The same station, besides the fact that the will was in the
      interior, sees from the fact that among other things the room is not
      devastated as suicide.

      @According to the Fuji Telecasting Co. public information section
      which has become the corresponding window in place of the Nozawa
      office, as for schedule of wake and farewell type you say that it is

      @Nozawa in 2007 has tackled the script "of the cloud with respect to
      special big river drama hill" of broadcast schedule with NHK, you
      say that all the 15 first manuscripts were already finished writing.

      @As a script house, the Japanese television system "killing, you..."
      with you debut in 1985. Most being young, you were awarded direction
      rice field Kuniko prize, the hit work "of the forest and the" blue
      bird "which you can sleep" etc. was managed many.

      @From the mystery of social group city comedy, to foam/home drama,
      it participates with wide genre. The original novel was dramatized,
      was broadcast with Asahi National Broadcasting Co. system to
      April "the stronghold (the stronghold) is not the person" became the
      last work.

      ~Elizabeth~ From: