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  • gembel
    May 7, 2004
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      "the murderer is YOU!" * pointed Yamazaki Yurie, "you have scratch
      in your hand!"

      --- In conan@yahoogroups.com, lily claudya <claudya@d...> wrote:
      > On my last mail nobody answered my 'cute sentences' question...
      > Anybody know?! It's so simple. The answer is "CONAN IS THE BEST'!!!
      > That's all. Okay, wanna find out how??? Answer this first.
      > Takashi Miura was killedby a gun in her appartment. Her appartment
      number is 91.
      > The suspects are:
      > KImisawa Leona - MIura's best friend. Same appartment building.
      Her appartment number is 32. No alibi. Miura flirt with Leona's
      boyfriend umtil they broke up. She has a scratch on her neck. She
      said she fell down.
      > Yamazaki Yurie - Miura's Phsycologist. No alibi. If Miura died,
      she'll get all Miura's estate and property because Miura did'nt have
      any family and Yurie is the nearest 'family' to her. her appartment
      number is 16. She got a scratch on her hand.
      > Yuruzuyo Kaiba - MIura's x-boyfriend. No alibi. He hated Miura
      because she did'nt help her during Kaiba's mother was sick. And she
      died two month ago. His appartment number is 93.
      > Clue-
      > 1- All of them knows how to use a gun.
      > 2- A person who don't know how to use a gun will get a slight
      > 3- All of them has no Miura's appartment key except Kaiba.
      > 4- Yurie always took the 2nd key on the counter to get in Miura's
      house but she gave it back after using it.
      > So, how it is??? Try to find the answer but carefull. Read it
      slowly and all of you my clever friends, GOOD LUCK. ;-p
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