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  • lily claudya
    May 3, 2004
      On my last mail nobody answered my 'cute sentences' question...
      Anybody know?! It's so simple. The answer is "CONAN IS THE BEST'!!!
      That's all. Okay, wanna find out how??? Answer this first.
      Takashi Miura was killedby a gun in her appartment. Her appartment number is 91.
      The suspects are:
      KImisawa Leona - MIura's best friend. Same appartment building. Her appartment number is 32. No alibi. Miura flirt with Leona's boyfriend umtil they broke up. She has a scratch on her neck. She said she fell down.
      Yamazaki Yurie - Miura's Phsycologist. No alibi. If Miura died, she'll get all Miura's estate and property because Miura did'nt have any family and Yurie is the nearest 'family' to her. her appartment number is 16. She got a scratch on her hand.
      Yuruzuyo Kaiba - MIura's x-boyfriend. No alibi. He hated Miura because she did'nt help her during Kaiba's mother was sick. And she died two month ago. His appartment number is 93.
      1- All of them knows how to use a gun.
      2- A person who don't know how to use a gun will get a slight scrath.
      3- All of them has no Miura's appartment key except Kaiba.
      4- Yurie always took the 2nd key on the counter to get in Miura's house but she gave it back after using it.

      So, how it is??? Try to find the answer but carefull. Read it slowly and all of you my clever friends, GOOD LUCK. ;-p
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