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  • Simon C
    Sep 3, 2003
      I'm wondering if they are going to edit the show, removing some of
      the more gory elements. Yeah you usually have to retranslate the
      bootlegs subtitles yourself. I'll just have to learn Japanese then I
      wouldn't need them.
      > In America, Conan has been licensed by FUNimation, and I think is
      > out next year, either Spring or Summer 2004, according to their
      > website. I think they are going to release both DVDs and broadcast
      > on tv.
      > don't recommend bootlegs, esp. from the 'all-region Chinese-English
      > Subtitles' DVDs, because the English is horrible and dosn't make
      > (the word 'solarize' was used during my Ai special, and as far as I
      > can tell, it being used in that context dosn't make sense...) I
      > stand those kind of bootlegs.
      > Toma-chan
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